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case study

Razan Alzuhair

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of WALT DISNEY

About the Company The Walt Disney company is one of the largest media and entertainment companies, with operations covers four key businesses: Media Networks, Studio Entertainment, Parks and Resorts, and Consumer Products.
It is considered as a diversified international company operating entertainment and recreational complexes, producing motion picture, developing community real estate projects and selling consumer products. Vision Statement "To make people happy" Opportunities: • Increasing Impact in the Music Industry
• Expansion into Untapped Geographical Areas
• Expand Radio Operations Mission Statement The mission of The Walt Disney Company is to be one of the world's leading producers and providers of entertainment and information. Using our portfolio of brands to differentiate our content, services and consumer products, we seek to develop the most creative, innovative and profitable entertainment experiences and related products in the world. Threats: •Struggling Global Economy
•Rapid Pace of Changing Media and Technology
•Competition with Universal Orlando
•Unionized Work Force SWOT Analysis (cont.) SWOT Analysis Strengths •A Vast and Diverse Portfolio•Diversification•Incredible Customer Service•Acquisition of Pixar Animation Studios Weaknesses: •The Constant Need of Successful Creative Material
•High (and Increasing) Cost of Operation
•Lack of Developmental Property
•Lagging Consumer Products Revenue Recommendations: We as a group recommend the following strategies:

1-Product development by creating great: As technology changes rapidly, developing new and exciting adventures on their theme parks and creating fun-filled the motion pictures and animated cartoons is a great way to increase their market share over their rivals. 2-Market Penetration by greater marketing efforts in their different segments : Since most of the people are online 24/7, Disney’s website is a great way to endorse their product offerings, they should also improve their search engine to give easy access to their products and services, they could also develop their website in other languages to help their global consumers understand their products and services. Conclusion One of the growth strategies that have helped the company to reach its current level of success is the fact that the organization has expanded, both vertically and horizontally, into new markets by targeted segmentation.
Furthermore, it is only through the diversification in branding that Disney has grown simply because the children’s brand is comparatively limited in terms of the target demographic. It is also the same diversity that minimizes the systemic risk involved with operating in too narrow of a portfolio. Space matrix Strategic position and action evaluation (SPACE) matrix is a management tool used for analyzing the company It can also be used to determine what sort of strategy the company should undertake . The space matrix is broken down into four quadrants as being aggressive , conservative , defensive and competitive. Additionally , the Space matrix analysis functions upon to internal strategic dimensions which are financial strength(FS) and competitive advantage (CA) Besides , the Space matrix methodology also studies two business, external strategic dimensions such as environmental stability and industry strength Y axis = 3.4+(-2.6)=0.8 X axis = 3.8+(-2)=1.8 THE BOSTON CONSULTING GROUP
(BCG MATRIX) OF WALT DISNEY Media Networks and Broadcasting as “STARS”:
I have chosen Media networks unit as Stars because its growth in income is high, . In one of the exhibits provided by the company its shown that in year 2006 income is $3610000000 but in year 2007 it increases to $4284000000 and market share is also high, i.e. Walt Disney owns number of diversified media channels. Studio Entertainment as “QUESTION MARK” : Walt Disney’s Studio Entertainment is Question Mark because the growth is high , but its market share is low and the revenue from studio entertainment has shown a decrease by 1%. Parks and resorts as “CASH COW”:Parks and Resorts unit of Walt Disney as Cash Cow because market share is high , but growth is low, i.e. the growth in operating income of this unit in year 2004 is $1077000000, year 2005 $1178000000, year 2006 $1534000000 and in year 2007 $1710000000 which is comparatively low. Consumer products as “PETS/DOGS”:
Lastly, Consumer Products of Walt Disney are pets/dogs because the growth in this business
unit is low and also the market share is low. Also, recently Walt Disney sold off its stores under a franchising agreement. Benefits of BCG - Simplifies management The BCG is an effective management tool and it offers a good framework for resource allocation among various units.- Better decision-making The BCG allows for the making of comparisons so as to measure the growth and development rate of a company against the average growth rate in that specific industry-Popular matrix Even though BCG matrix may be among the oldest matrices ever formulated, it is also the most common and best known matrix taught all over the world
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