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Career Shadowing

No description

Dustin Bozeman

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadowing

The Founder:
NETZA RODRIGUEZ What it is: Studio Time is a company
formed by Netza to help
children and adults alike.
The company revolves around
making sure that kids stay in
school and stay disciplined at
home in the community and in
the studio. Where will we be: In fifteen years studio time
will be in hundreds of places
around the world. Employability (youth): Youths must be in school
and maintain a 'C' and above
to continue to use the studio.
Complete 7-10 intervention
videos per week throughout
the time using the studio. Maintain
positive behaviors at school
home and in the community.
Maintain monthly meetings,
attend and make up missed
groups. Follow the project
rules. Finally complete 4 hours
of community service a month.
The Bass Boyz The bass boyz are
a new group of
people that are
on tour because of
Studio Time and
L.O.R entertainment
go to studiotimeproject.com
or studiotimeradio.com
to learn more about them.
(and I have met them and
interviewed them) Will be millionaires Employability Skills: Staff facilitate the production of a client, featuring art
compositions of participants with little or no experience.
The client plans each aspect of his or her studio timeline.
Staff should have or exhibit a few of these skills as follow 1. project managment
2. marketing
3. technology
4. basic graphics and design
5. non traditional forms of art
6. education through fundamentals
7. basic employability skills
8. leadership developement
9. self discipline
10. responsibility
11. studio production Approx salary: approximate salary 75,000
a year.
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