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History of Football

No description

Charles Underwood

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of History of Football

Beginning of Football
Works Cited
Football Now
Brutality of Football
Descended from the ancient Greek game harpaston
Harposton is often mentioned in Greek literature. "very rough and brutal game".
The sport had simple rules points were earned when a player crosses a goal line by either kicking the ball , running with it across the goal line , or throwing the ball across the line to another player.
There was no regulation of rules with the sport harposton.
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Football has developed into one of Americas most popular sports due to the changes the game has experienced since its establishment
Currently there are two major football organizations the National football league which was formed in 1920 and the Canadian football league.
The NFL has 32 teams as of now and two different divisions the AFC American Football Conference and the NFC National Football Conference.
The division champs compete in the playoffs to make it to the Super Bowl to crown the champions
Now a days there is more awareness about concussions and helmet to helmet contact. Which cause traumatic brain injury/trauma.
Concern over increasing brutality of the game led to its ban by some colleges. During the early 1900's there was nearly 180 players seriously injured , and 18 deaths have been reported.
In 1905 President Theodore Roosevelt called upon Harvard,Princeton,and Yale to save the sport from demise.
A rules committee would be set up and is now known as the National Collegiate Athletic Association or NCAA.
Many rules were established by the NCAA like the length of the game from seventy to sixty , neutral zone , and also locking of arms by teammates in an effort to clear the way for ball carrier .
Est. 1879 with rules
History of American Football

In 1960's the NFL and AFL were competing for players one in particular former Jets(AFL) player Joe Namath who signed a then record of $427,000 to the New York Jets.
In 1966 the NFL and AFL merger deal took place and would change football history by laying the groundwork for the NFL as it is today
NFL AFL merger
Walter Camp was born on April 17, 1859 in New Haven Connecticut
He was an athletic director and head football coach at Yale University from 1888-1914
Walter Camp was a dissenter from the IFA , helped begin the final step in the evolution from rugby-style play to the modern game of American Football
Camp made many contributions to the sport of Football ex.
11 on a team instead of 15
Created the quarter-back and center positions
Forward pass
Line of scrimmage and standardized the scoring system
Also created the safety , interference, penalties, and neutral zone.
1882 he added a new system of downs there was only 3 downs to get 5 yards
1906 the distance moved to 10 yards and in 1912 the fourth down was added.
Camp has a trophy named after himself that is given to the NCAA's player of the year.
Interesting Facts
Ralph Wilson Jr who was owner of the Buffalo Bills and just recently passed on March 25 ,2014 was one of the first owners during the time of the AFL and remained owner of the Buffalo Bills until his death.
Ralph Wilson did what no other man has done and that is to bring a NFL team to Buffalo.
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