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Project Work & 2.0 Tools: A Loving Couple

No description

Ricard Garcia

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of Project Work & 2.0 Tools: A Loving Couple

A Loving Couple Project Work & 2.0 TOOLS The union can create higher engagement from our students... What's so good in that marriage? These tools are really easy to learn, and there are also lots of tutorials in Youtube where you can learn how to use them in class!! But teachers are tired of learning new tools and new ideas! Do not overwhelm students with lots of apps How should we introduce these tools to our students? Video VLEs, Wikis, PlEs... Shall I tell you how to put all these things together into a meaningful scenario? My colleague Susan will tell you about it! Joking!!! It can bridge the gap between classrooms and our students' everyday life... Engaged, motivated students using catchy apps... ...will surely be able to produce flashy outcomes That will show them they can create and communicate, and COLLABORATE in the language they are learning... ...and that definitely will... ...raise their self esteem as learners!!! (AKA "They will feel more confident when using the target language") Make sure you clearly know what you want students to do... "A goal without a plan is just a wish" Let them put their hands in the app once they have ideas and stuff in order... Assessment must be also in accordance to what we expect our students to do... we'll see that later on I know you are willing to do that as well ;-) Watch2gether Blubbr Image & Info Voicethread Speaking Timelines Mindmaps Ideas, concepts,
projects Create quizzes Global projects Games But first, let's see what we can do with this bunch of things... This is not Sue, obviously! Thank you!
http://www.edu365.cat/jocs/ Create questions about videos to be answered on the go
http://www.blubbr.tv/ Vialogues Set up discussions about a video
https://vialogues.com/ Have your students commenting on what they see in real time in a virtual speaking room
http://watch2gether.com/ Place transcripts, questions and exercises to be used as ss watch the video
https://grockit.com/answers Pinterest Image collection: Comparison,analysis, description, interchange
http://pinterest.com/ Turn images into interactive sources of information
http://www.thinglink.com/ Make text, audio and video comments about images or visual projects and stories
http://voicethread.com/ VOKI Create an avatar and make it speak with your own voice or type what it will say
http://www.voki.com Describe places and create localized treasure hunts that can be traced on the spot as you navigate. Location based audioguides
http://woices.com/ Ask students to give their opinion and create rich threads of audio discussion
http://www.voxopop.com/ Set rich timelines including text, image, links and media
http://www.timetoast.com/ Have ideas, concepts and projects organized in rich mindmaps
http://www.exploratree.org.uk/ Enrich a project with a thread of information from different multimedia sources
http://storify.com/ Enhance, remix and share video showing a story with added layers of interactive information
https://popcorn.webmaker.org/ Enrich projects with collections of images
http://pinterest.com/ Prezi lets you create stunning multimedia presentations
http://prezi.com Get your students to explain a presentation with a video of themselves
https://present.me/ Virtual boards to organize ideas with text, image, video, sound and web links
http://www.spaaze.com/home Create exercises in the traditional way with the catchiest and easiest tools
https://quizslides.com/#0/6 Surf the web to find answers and solve problems with webquests and scavenger hunts Compare past and present on the spot with Historypin
http://www.historypin.com/ Explore wildlife, describe it, localize it and share it with project NOAH
http://www.projectnoah.org/ ...and start enriching projects and quests with Augmented reality and QR codes http://ayiti.globalkids.org/game/ http://www.peacecorps.gov/kids/ http://www.3rdworldfarmer.com/ http://www.icivics.org/games/crisis-nations http://www.powerupthegame.org/ http://www.electrocity.co.nz/
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