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Popular & Folk Culture

No description

Zerena Garcia

on 23 August 2014

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Transcript of Popular & Folk Culture

Popular & Folk Culture
Popular Culture
Disney Cartoons
Popular Culture
Justin Bieber
Folk Culture
Quinceañeras from Mexico
what disney was to what it is now.
Presented to you by:
Lanae Grier
Zerena Garcia
The end
Folk Culture
Nose piercings are said to have been around since the biblical ages when Abraham gave his daughter a nose ring when she married Isaac. During the 16th century, the practice was brought to India by Middle Eastern Moghul emperors. This piercing can have profound meaning depending on what culture it is in. In India, the practice can be used to establish wealth status or just used as fashionable jewelry.
justin's #1 hit song with 985 million
views on youtube.
one of justin's newer songs that hit the charts
Throughout all his changes, Justin
continues to have millions of fans all over
the world. In which he calls his "beliebers."
mickey mouse wise.
because of pop. culture, disney
cartoons blew up all around the world, and people were coming up with new ideas to recreate and improve disney cartoons.
how disney princesses have changed
original disney
winnie the pooh
new and improved
mickey mouse
In India, a nose piercing can be given as a wedding gift to a women and it may be given by the groom's family. Usually it's made of gold and diamonds. The size and/or style of the nose ring can establish the amount of wealth the family has.
Nose rings in the Indian culture are also seen as medicinal cures when it comes to a woman giving birth. It's believed by the Ayuvedra that the left side of nose holds nerves that are linked to the women's reproductive system and having them pinched reduces menstrual and birthing pains.
In the 60's the style was eventually brought to the U.S. by the Beatles after they toured India.

A little bit of info...
Indian Nose Piercing
Traditional nose ring for Indian brides.
Women with typical nose jewelry.
Some nose jewelry have clips to go on your hair or ears for extra support.
Walt Disney originally came from Kansas to California with a short cartoon called Alice's Wonderland. When he was in California, a New York distributor named R. J. Winkler decided to distribute the "Alice Comedies. Disney officially started October 16,1923 when Walt Disney signed a contract with R.J. Winkler to make the series; The company was originally The Disney Brothers Studios before R.J. suggested to name it Walt Disney Studios. Disney began to expand when Walt had agreed to let a New York man put his famous Mickey character on pencil tablets 1934. Disney slowly started diffusing all around America and eventually the world. When Walt came out with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 3 years later. Foreign business had crashed because of the war. The movie was a huge success and Walt wanted to do even more. After the war, the studios business was booming and they had came out with several other movies that lead the company to the top.
Justin Bieber was born and raised in Canada. He started out by posting videos of him playing the guitar, drums, piano, etc, on youtube. Until one day he was discovered by an American talent manager named Scooter Braun. Scooter Braun -now his manager- arranged a meeting for Justin to fly out to Georgia to meet the famous artist Usher. Not long after, he was signed to Usher's record label. Subsequent to being signed, Bieber came out with his billboard crashing song called "Baby" which hit 985 million views on youtube. Through contagious diffusion, the song was shared all throughout the internet and eventually put onto the radio. Hence, word of Justin spread all throughout the world causing him to evolve to what he is now. Justin has gone through many changes with becoming famous, yet he has millions of fans all over the world. Justin is now located in California.
Justin's Journey
Since day one, Justin has been discriminated against,
made fun of, teased because of his voice, his style, his hair, and his music. With the support of his "Beliebers", Justin overcame all the negativity from the paparazzi, critics, and everyone else. Bieber may have gone arrested for drug use, alcohol consumption, and MAYBE more (speed racing wasn't declared) but continues to have millions of fans all over the world. Yes, many fans are against what he's been doing, but still continue to love him for his dorky personality, and his music. Many 'Beliebers' are still in love with the same boy who started out in the music industry by recording himself, playing instruments, on YouTube.
Quinceaneras originated in Mexico around the time when Aztecs were alive. A "Quince" is basically a coming of age party for a young lady turning 15. Quinces' back then was a way to celebrate the girls' beginning of adult hood(into marriage.) The word "Quinceanera" means 15 years deriving from the spanish language. Usually, Mexican girls are the ones who celebrate turning 15 through a Quince. However, not every Mexican young lady has one because they could be very expensive depending on how nice you want it to be. Quinceaneras spread through relocation diffusion when the Spanish invaded the Aztecs in 1520 and brought their European influence to the indegenous people. The upper class debutante aspects of a Quince most likely emerged as a result of that.
an example of a quince dress
the 15 damas (friends/siblings/relatives)
an example of a traditional dance
A little bit of info. on how a quince is done
(Mass of Thanking)
The celebration starts with a religious ceremony in a church. The birthday girl is escorted down the aisle by her parents and godparents, to a seat of honor near the altar. Throughout the mass, 2 children put pillows on the floor in which the young lady kneels on and they sprinkle flowers in her path while walking down the aisle. Her headpiece that she wears in the beginning for the mass is then exchanged for her tiara and a scepter during the mass (also may be given a bible, rosary, and cross.) At the end of the mass, small gifts are handed out to the guests while the quinceanera (birthday girl) offers her bouqet to the Virgin Mary. This reaffirms her transition into adulthood.
The Reception
After the religous service, a reception (party) is held either in the home of the quinceanera or in a banquet hall. The reception starts with the introduction of the court of honor -14 damas and 15 chambelanes or 7 damas and 8 chambelanes-. Usually, the DJ or host will call them out individually much like a wedding. The quinceneara will make her own entrance, usually escorted down the aisle with her father. But more modern and dramatic entrances have been more common recently. Following this, the girl then goes into a waltz with her father (father daughter dance). Which is then followed by a choreographed dance practiced months before the party. Finally, the toasts take place usually starting off with the father who will also begin the lighting of the 15 candles on the cake. After this, the party may begin.
Misa De Accion
de Gracias
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