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481 Practicum Experience

No description

Chad Murton

on 28 March 2016

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Transcript of 481 Practicum Experience

481 Practicum Experience

Canadian Back Institute
- Inter-disciplinary physiotherapy and rehabilitation clinic
- Holistic approach to healthcare that involves:
- Physiotherapist
- Occupational Therapist
- Kinesiologists
- Psychologist
- Founded in 1987 in Ontario. Today there are 165 CBI clinics and facilities across Canada
- 4 Locations in Saskatoon (8th Street, Preston, Erindale and Laurier)
Our Supervisors
Ricky Shier
- Bachelors of Exercise and Sport Science from the U of S
- CSEP CEP certification
- Currently Head Kinesiologists at CBI Laurier
David Kobylak
- Bachelors of Exercise and Sport Science from the U of S
- CSEP CEP certification 2014
- Started at CBI January 2015

CBI Laurier
- Most of the clients are SGI accident claims and Workers Compensation Board Claims
- This location deals with primary, secondary and tertiary clients
Services offered at CBI
- Diagnostic evaluation
- Theraputic management
- Acute Pain Management
- Goal directed Treatment
- Education
CBI's Mission
- Provide services to individuals and to organizations with the mission to improve the health and wellness of our communities throughout Canada
CBI's Vision
- Be the most respected company in the delivery of healthcare services and continue to help shape the health care standards and practices in Canada
Chad Murton
Liam McMahon

Unique One on One
Client Experience
- Opportunity to learn about our desired career, physiotherapy
- Opportunity to gain experience with a population that was not familiar to us (injured individuals)

- Great opportunity to apply skills and knowledge learned in 381, 382 and the rest of our degree

- Good real life experience and skill development as Kinesiologists

- Supervisors provided us with lessons and knowledge we could not have learned in the classroom

- Learning valuable skills as a kinesiologist by shadowing and administering POETs and FAEs
- Monitoring testing
- Creating FAE from job information worksheet
- Filling out return to work plans
- Providing education through group lectures and gaining valuable public speaking experience
- Learning how to counsel clients who struggle with their program, injury or general life issues
- Experience doing paperwork, Kin notes (SOAP notes) to keep well documented and organized files on clients
- Learning to build rapport while orientating clients to the program and facility
- Interpersonal skills from working one on one with clients and interacting with other professionals
- Introducing stretches and exercise
- Providing education
- Correcting form
- Monitoring Functional training
Liam's experience
- Client was in a tertiary program with eye and cognitive injuries along with wrist and shoulder injury
- Client worked for a moving company
- Had issues with spatial awareness and could not move furniture without bumping into walls
- We did visual retraining exercises in combination with functional training for the other injuries
Chad's Experience
- Client was in a tertiary program with a ACL injury
- Client was an iron worker
- Had issues with floor to waist lifting and bilateral carries
- Participated in a extensive strength program and functional training
Experiences (cont'd)
- Able to practice and improve our blood pressure taking skills
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