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Pack 1199 Takes the Field

No description

Tracy Boss

on 7 March 2016

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Transcript of Pack 1199 Takes the Field

Community Service
In Training with Mr. Costa
Scout Recognition
Pack 1199 Takes the Field
At Bat and On Deck:

Spring Break~
Scout Fair:
Let's See What the Score is!!!
Bear Den 10

Wolf - Den 8
Clay & Kenneth

Wolf - Den 7
Coy & David; Den Chief: Tyler

Tiger – Den 1
Scott & Keith

Tiger Bites Adventure:
Zane Labib
Zachary Nelson
Chance Ray
Jacob Ritter
Andrew Robertson
Andrew Ross

Conner Triolo

Bear Den 9
Jenny (Mrs. Teflon)

Tiger – Den 6
Arnold and David

Leader Specific Training
Wood Badge?
Lake Texana!
Food Drive Apr 24-26
May 3
Last At Bat:
"A Scout is Loyal"
BackYard Jungle Adventure:
Riley Castro
Max Costa
Matthew Elam
Ryan Osai
Luke Tanner
Steve Wallin
Stevie Moahu
Luke Tanner
Tiger Bites Adventure:
Max Costa
Cyber Chip:
Riley Castro

Clayton Ratcliff
Maddox Costa

Running with the Pack Adventure
Cole Christofffel
Cyber Chip:
Andrew Abraham, Austin Castro, Andrew Chin,
Santiago De Olavarria
Running with the Pack Adventure:
Grant Edelbrock
Bryson Graham
Nathan Scott
Charles Weaver

Christopher Lord
Carson Tichenor
Fellowship and Duty to God Adventure
Patrick Reed
Aiden Creech
Alex De Olavarria
Sean Gilkey
Brandon Lee
Brody Lipasek
Jake Ridenow
Matthew Cox TJ Phelan
Cade Gleeson Lawson Tallas
Logan Huseman Paul Orsborn

Matthew Cox
Cade Gleeson
Logan Huseman
Paul Orsborn
TJ Phelan
Lawson Tallas
Grin and Bear it Adventure
Paws for Action Adventure
Cade Gleeson
Lawson Tallas
Matthew Cox
Paul Orsborn
TJ Phelan

A Bear Goes Fishing
A World of Sount
Super Science

Rob Hiegel
Grant Gilbert
Rahim Sarani
Ben Nicholie

Banks Goodmanson
Ryan Hiegel
Bennett Varga
Stronger, Faster, Higher Adventure
Duty to God and You Adventure
Duty to God and You
Aiden Abraham
Christopher Chin
James Lochbichler
Gene Wei
Aiden Abraham

Grant Simnacher
Nicholas Schulmire
Cast Iron Chef
Webelos Walkabout
Game Design
Webelos Rank
Parker Boss
Nicholas Schulmire
Grant Simnacher
Lake Texana
World Friendship Fund

Blue & Gold Banquet
University of Scouting
Scout Sunday
Lake Texana
First Aid/CPR/AED
3/15/16 9 to 3
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