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No description

Karlos Marín

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of A TANGLED WEB

A Tangled Web
is a mistery and action novel written by
Alan Maley.

Dan Combes
an MI6 agent has been betrayed by his old friends and he tries to find out why.

By the time he looks for answers he
also finds out a web of lies and
Dan Combes
: A formed MI6 agent. Main character of the story.
Annie Combes
: Dan's daughter. Who have grown without her father's love.
Jurgen Heid
: Height and well-built. He rarely spoke. He never show his true feelings.
Nina Rowlandson
: Extremely beautyful. Tall and slim.
Cas Cousins
: Tall, dark and handsome. He died in a mision Bambacocha.
Bert Perkins
: An old college of Dan's in MI6. He reveales Dan important secrets...
Hugo Strang
: The MI6 director.
Sir Clive Horley
: A senior MI6 director.
Sir George
: Dan's former boss.
Alan has been involved with ELT for 45 years. From 1962-88 he worked for the
British Council in Jugoslavia, Ghana, Italy, France, China and India. After
resigning from the Council in 1988, he worked as Director-General of the Bell
Educational Trust in Cambridge, until 1993. From 1993-98, he was Senior
Fellow at the National University of Singapore. In 1999 he moved to Bangkok to
set up a new MA programme at Assumption University, where he stayed till
2003. Currently, he is a freelance writer and consultant, and Visiting Professor
at Leeds Metropolitan University. He has published over 30 books, including
Literature, Teaching Advanced Learners (both with OUP), Drama Techniques
(CUP) and The Language Teacher’s Voice (Macmillan). He has written
numerous journal articles, and is a regular reviewer for the ELTJ. He is
currently writing a regular column for English Teaching Professional, entitled
‘Over the Wall.’ His interests include creative approaches to teaching
language, extensive reading, creative writing, literature and materials
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