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My “journey” of constructing meaning

My “journey” of constructing meaning

Paola Cuneo

on 6 August 2010

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Transcript of My “journey” of constructing meaning

“Journey” of constructing meanings about
rights and obligations I generate conections with the concepts 2 Children questions 3 Beginning the investigation Children investigate in groups, using books, videos, etc. Children make connections and apply the knowledge they learnt through their investigations. Action They participated in the "live museum" for Peruvian
Day, explaining what they had learnt about rights and obligations to their PYP´s partners.
Base for New Knowledge What I Think that I know What I ask myself We organise our ideas in a conceptual map I inquire all of the theme to generate that experiences that will help the children to make connecions with their closest experiences. Children´s actions demonstrate us that they have incorporated the new knowledge and concepts,and that they are capable of applying them to other contexts in their daily life.
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