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Sarah Bay

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Fashion

The 1920's-1940's The 1950's The Evolution of Fashion By: Lydia Dorn, Kelly Martin, Sarah Bay, and Sammy Schmitz The 1920's Fashion in the modern era Men and Women started to wear athletic clothing Social customs and morals relaxed Flappers and the Jazz Age Technology Advances The 1930's Waist-lines up, skirt length down Gloves Plaid and Stripes No-part hairstyle Fashion following social trends The 1940's Restrictions on materials Every day wear Men From uniforms and plain suits to fedoras and elegant suits Women The 1960's - 1970's The 1980's Change from previous decade Less conservative styles
Sexier silhouettes
Rebellious looks for men
Women more clothing options
Upcoming diversity and individuality
Different fabrics and quantity
Style clothing Women Intricate gatherings
Excess fabrics
Taffeta, nylon, rayon, leather, wool Business
Social Gatherings
Maternity wear
Work five types Social Change Impress others Match and keep up with friends
Matching family outfits Men's Fashion Little change from previous decade
Rebel look
Suits, sport coats, slacks, sweaters and casual wear Teenage Fashion Teenage style and culture
Targeted market
Prom Trends to know Pencil skirt Turtleneck Corsets/Bustiers Women Men Military Look Post War Christian Dior and the "New Look" Men and hats Women's Fashion Shoulder pads
Mini skirts
penny loafers
Big earnings
Oversized tops
Big Hair, perms and side pony tails
Leg warmers, leggings and other athletic wear
acid washed jeans and jean jackets Change Preppy Clothing - Ralph Lauren
Feminine Silhouettes
Haute Couture
Japanese Influences
Ready-to-wear - DKNY Men's Fashion Jam Shorts
Pegged pants
acid washed jeans and jean jackets
Sweaters around neck
Parachute pants Social Influence Telivision Young Urban Professionals Music -MTV
-Flashdance - Heavy metal
-Madonna Trends •Little Black Dress (LBD)
o Chanel (1926)
o Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961)
o Elegance/restrain, naturalness/fantasy
o Versatile, adaptable, powerful
•The Suit
o Jackie Kennedy (‘60s)
o Elegant, refined, sporty, and formal
o Far-fetching addition to wardrobe
o Chanel
o Yves Saint Laurent
Evening ware
o Essential element
o Symbol of authority
•Two-Piece Bathing Suit
o Mass market
o Sexual appeal
One year prior •Shirts
o Polo neck
o Turtleneck
o Self-respecting intellectuals
o Vinyl material
o Cutouts
o Pedal pusher
Colors and patterns
“Cabin boy”
Casual wear
•Bathing Suits
o One piece
 Center cutouts
 Geometric shapes
o Two-piece
 Hip-rider
 Stretch nylon bottoms Men's Fashion •Pants
o Flared and straight
o Bell Bottoms
 Bold colors
o The Beatles
• Suits
o Conservative
o Geometric designs
o Flared pant leg
• Bathing Suits
o Tight and small
o Resembled biker shorts Women's Fashion Trends •Bell Bottoms
o Casual or formal
o Cotton material
o Fashionable
o Pants + shirt/vest
•Jump Suit
o Disco clubs
o Men and women
•Platform Shoes
o Disco floor
o 5-6 inch heels
•Hippie Styles
o Hot pants, wide leg pants, bell bottoms, platform shoes
o Vivienne Westword
o Designer who began movement Men's Fashion •Leisure Suits
o Shirt and matching pants
o Mostly unbuttoned shirt
o Big collars
•Baseball Jersey T-Shirts
o Iron-on emblem
o Afro Women's Fashion •Tops
o Tube, crop, tied, halter
o Tank tops with spaghetti straps
o Feathered style
o Farrah Fawcett
o Platforms
o High-heeled, low platform, molded plastic, single leather strap
o Rhinestones, sequins, ostrich-feathers, imitation rabbit-fur, glitter, custom t-shirts, leotards, neck-scarves Social Influences •Saturday Night Fever
o John Travolta
o Emergence of disco look
o Vivienne Westword
o Emergence of punk look
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