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Plate Tectonics

No description

Emily Folcik

on 26 May 2016

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Transcript of Plate Tectonics

Plate Tectonics
Lila, Kelly, and Emily
Continental-Oceanic Convergent Boundaries.
Continent-Continent Convergent Boundary
Transform Plate Boundaries
Divergent Boundary
Occurs when two oceanic plates move away from each other
When they move away they cause magma to surface and ocean basins to form
1. Spread out the cool whip on the wax paper to represent the asthenosphere.

2. Take two squares of fruit roll up and place them next to each other on the cool whip. These represent the oceanic plates.
3. Press down slowly on the fruit roll ups. These represent the plates diverging.
Notice the whip cream coming to the surface. This is the magma.
Occurs when a continental plate and a oceanic plate converge
This results in a subduction zone or volcanoes
1. Remove one fruit roll up (Oceanic Plate) and replace with a graham cracker (Continental Crust)
2. Gently push together the the fruit roll up and graham cracker. When the graham cracker over laps the fruit roll up is symbolizes the subduction zone
Occurs when two continental plates converge to form mountains.
1. Remove everything from the cool whip.
2. Take two graham crackers and dip one edge of each cracker into water for a few seconds.
3. Place the wet graham crackers back on to the cool whip with the wet sides facing each other.

4. Push the two graham crackers together. The crackers should begin to mush together. This represents how mountains form because there is no where else for the rock to move except up.
Occurs when two continental plates move past each other forming faults and creates earthquakes.
1. Take the graham crackers and flip them so the two dry sides are facing each other.
2. Slide the graham crackers together so the sides shift against one another representing the transforming plates.
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