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Stem Cell

No description

Charmaine Kwan

on 20 June 2013

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Transcript of Stem Cell

How do we know if stem cell research is justifiable when beauty center Zeta uses it for beauty treatment?
Knowledge Issue
Natural Sciences
Knowledge Claim
Real Life Situation
Significance of issue
Knowledge Claim
"Look, live, and feel better" - Dr Bart rademaker

*Any use of stem cell research for commercial/ cosmetic purposes is able to promote happiness and self-confidence of individuals*
- Even though stem cell research involved treatments may greatly promote happiness, there's also a great risk for any side-effects that may demote well-being instead
How do we know if stem cell research is justifiable when beauty center (Zeta Clinic) uses it for beauty treatment?
Knowledge Issue
Natural sciences
By Charmaine & Wenchy
Great impact and influence to many people
new markets
Well-being promoted
impact of funds
Human Sciences :
Economics, Psychology and Sociology
Conclusion & Evaluation
Stem Cell Research
- Knowledge is obtained through specific scientific methods:
1) Observation
2) Hypothesis
3) Experiment
4) Law
5) Theory
- Stem cell research requires empiricism and Pragmatism as Ways of knowing.
- I will analyze to what extent cosmetic stem cell research is justifiable through a empiricist and pragmatist point of view.
Dr. Peter Rubin, a director of the Adipose Stem Cell Center at the University of Pittsburgh believes in
“evidence-based medicine'. - Empiricist
We should seek the action which maximizes happiness for the greatest number of people
- Cosmetic use of stem cell and Scientific use of stem cell both can provide happiness to majority of people by:
- making patients beautiful
- providing a sense of accomplishment for researchers, business men, cosmetic company such as Zeta
- a topic to write about for journalists and more.
Stem Cells have potential to cure diseases and treat injuries that were once considered to be incurable and untreatable
Stem cell Proven to treat heart damage in Humans:
'For the first time ever, scientists were able to show that stem cells from a healthy donor baby's blood can transform into the specialized cell type that a patient needs. The patient was a four-year old boy with Sanfilippo Syndrome B, a rare disease which, when left untreated, results in liver, heart and brain failure. The boy was given healthy stem cells from the blood of a baby girl in the hopes that once inside the boy's body, the healthy stem cells would keep his vital organs from failing. Even though the boy eventually died from infection (one of the common risks associated with transplants), doctors were able to show for the first time that some of the girl's healthy cells had settled in the boy's heart and transformed themselves into fully functional heart cells.'
List of Diseases Stem Cell can cure:
Brain Damage
Heart Damage
Blindness and vision impairment
Wound healing
- There are no subsitutable procedures or cures for tehse diseases/illnesses
- Wouldn't it be more practical to use funds and resources for these instead of cosmetic procedures?
Psychological utilitarianism
Medical Researchers Views -Pragmatic View
Problem With Knowledge:
- No measurement/ scale for Happiness
- No action will have a certain outcome
- Happiness is subjective
Similarities and Differences of perspectives
Face-lift to restore youthful beauty
Suzanne Somers- reconstruction of her breasts filling her scars from breast caner
Happiness and Well-being (psychology)
Case Study
"might someday unlock medical cures for conditions ranging from paralysis to blindness"
-Elle online article
In 2009, a woman who received facial injections of stem cells taken from her abdomen at a Beverly Hills clinic experienced an astounding side effect: Three months afterward, she discovered that bone fragments were growing in her eyelids, audibly “click-clacking” when she blinked. The anomaly was caused, scientists believe, by the concurrent use of a common dermal filler, which happens to contain a mineral that can encourage certain stem cells to turn into bone. The fragments were removed surgically from the woman’s eyelids, but as an unexpected result of a $20,000 procedure, that’s a big case for buyer beware.
Knowledge Claim :
"Stem Cell research provides economic stimulus to the private and the public sector"
Economic Stimulus (economic growth
New market introduced
New demand

From other legislators and politicians:
Negative economic growth in short term
Very costly funds needed (provided by government)
Unemployment caused in other industries
profits gained from stem cell research would be able to benefit firms (especially with patent)
employees would be able to obtain high wage/ salary thus happiness can be gained
Better economy would lead to higher standards of living and concluding utility within country is higher
AOK we will concentrate on
1. Natural Science
2. Human Science: Psychology
3.Human Science: Economics
4. Human Science: Religion
5. Ethics embedded within each AOK
Significance to people in general
Personal Significance?
If stem cell research is justifiable it will open more options for us in the future
When looking at real life situation I think whether it is justifiable to use funds for stem cell research for such purpose.
"Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body."
-Corinthians 6:19-20
- Stem cell research has enabled scientists to discover a better and innovative way for aesthetic surgery.
Evidence of Claims of surgical procedures done by stem cell are innovative and different:
“The results are anecdotal,” Dr. Ellenbogen says, "we need
years and years of more research.
Stem Cell Face Lift: 'A conventional face-lift requires surgically cutting, lifting and sewing sagging skin, while this (referring to stem cell face lift) procedure is
typically nonsurgical
, involving fat injections designed to plump up the skin and restore the face’s youthful volume.'
"If doctors are making claims of better outcomes, we need hard data that supports that.” and “Very little of this research has been done in
randomized controlled settings
.” says
Dr. Peter Rubin
Empiricism is the theory that experience is of primary importance in giving us knowledge of the world. Whatever we learn, according to empiricists, we learn through perception. Knowledge without experience, with the possible exception of trivial semantic and logical truths, is impossible
the National Institutes of Health and the Department of Defense. “There is very little published human data to show that injecting stem cells under the skin makes any difference—that it makes your skin look better or improves the outcome of plastic surgery,” he says. “We have to separate the hype and marketing from the evidence we have to back it up.”
'A practical approach to a problem/issue. '
-But the only approved stem cell therapy is for Leukemia.
-Cosmetic stem cell research is currently indirectly 'threaten the progress of basic research and clinical trials needed to establish safe stem cell therapies for serious illnesses. '
- 'imprints a stigma on stem cell research'
Making it unjustifiable
Stem cells are undifferentiated cells that has the ability to become a specific specialized cell in the human body.

- http://www.nytimes.com/2013/04/04/fashion/the-debate-over-stem-cell-face-lifts.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0
Dr. Newman - convinced that adding extra stem cells to the injected fat is the ticket to better skin. “The youthful glow comes back to skin because of growth factors that are produced from the stem cells,” he said
“I’m convinced that 90 percent of the doctors promising this are just taking the fat, spinning it in a centrifuge a bit and injecting it into the face,” said
Dr. Karol Gutowski
, a plastic surgeon in Northbrook, Ill. “
They’re essentially doing fat grafting, which has been around decades,
and any stem cells that happen to be in that fat are just coming along for the ride.”
Limitation - Utilitarianism :
- Beauty is subjective
- Due to the lack of research and experiments, there could be unanticipated results resulting to making patient less beautiful - making patients unhappy instead of happy
- Artists are gaining negative feedback which would cause them unhappiness instead of happiness
Current: Unjustifiable

Future: justifiable
Limitations - Utilitarianism :
- Linking back to Human science - there are opportunity costs and how should we measure whether the opportunity cost will create more happiness or the funding of stem cell create more happiness?
- No scale of Happiness
Any atleration is considered to be inspired by Satan who "command them to change what Allah had created"
(an-Nissa 4:119)
Thank You for your attention
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