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Positive and Negative effects of Mongol expansion

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mia mcchlery

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Positive and Negative effects of Mongol expansion

Positive and Negative effects of the Mongol expansion
Positive and negative effects: China
united china for the first time
established a single political entity; would largely endure to modern times
encouraged trade
Positive and negative effects: Russia
under mongol rule some of the most important work on the churches of Moscow & Novgorod
church became a power in its own as it was exempted form having to pay taxes
mongol actions changed their art, religion, political entities & government
Positive and negative effects: Europe
brought Europe out of its isolated view of the world
encouraged them to develop areas of trade
paper currency developed after influence of Mongols
increased cultural change and wealth
Positive and negative effects: Mongols
forced their society to become organized
developed many trade and political contacts
trade grew rapidly because of all the contacts
religious freedom came apart of their culture
grew their society - became one of the biggest and strongest societies in history
consequences of having religious freedom that both Buddhists and Muslims became favored workers in Mongol administration
lost many of their own in all the battles they fought in
wiped out entire populations, depopulated some regions
confiscated crops and livestock
spread panic all over Europe
spread deadly disease, black plague
which wiped one-third of Europe's population
invaded and killed many towns
toke as much of china as they could
killing of chinese soldiers in Mongol wars
imposing foreign officials on them
defeated individual princes of Russia
caused create havoc , destroying cities, slaughtering people and looting
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