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The economic influence of Carnival in Brazil

The influence of the carnival in the brazil's economy

Pierre Soler

on 29 April 2011

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Transcript of The economic influence of Carnival in Brazil

Carnival fever in Brazil
The economic influence Introduction Expenses in
Carnival Income from
Carnival Image Group Nacho Felip Pierre Soler Outline DATE: 5 to 8 March Lucas Rotllant Vary from one region to another

Huge organized parades, samba schools Carnival is expected to cost € 83 million
in 2011

Costumes cost from € 160 to 1500 3 million people were expected, 5 million people came

Economy is expected to grow 5-6% Thought to encourage violence

Tourism receives 70% of annual visitors Influenced by African-Brazilian culture & Venice Carnival

Country stops completely almost a week Consumption of beer: 80% of annual

Condoms and campaigns to prevent AIDS Each Samba school: from 3000 to 5000 members

An 80 minute parade costs € 2 million
673000 staff salary costs € 61 million

€ 6 million for adornments and other
Tourists spend € 512 million

Benefits various sectors of the economy
Middle-class neighborhoods and "blocos" increased visits

Hotel occupancy compared to last year, from 94% to 96%
18% GDP impediment to Brazil's growth

High interest rates another growth-retardant
Rise in the labor force contributing to future growth

In BRIC’s, the most challenged to sustain growth Summary Conclusion Government could spend less and create room for interest rates to come down

Carnival is all about enjoying present and forgetting tomorrow Introduction
Expenses in Carnival
Income from Carnival
Image Any Question? The End Only 1st minute The Carnival QUIZ!! 1) What is the consumption of beer

in Carnival comparing with the annual


2) How much is Carnival expected

to cost?

3) What colour hair did the girl have in

the last image? Correct!!
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