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Sec 1 History Source Based Questions

No description

Athena Han

on 23 March 2015

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Transcript of Sec 1 History Source Based Questions

Sec 1 History Source Based Questions
Pioneers of Singapore

(In what ways are both sources similar in showing the values that our pioneers processed?)

This means that...
Moey Chye who was a young woman had been working for 12 hours as a Samsui woman. Her salary was $3 and it was a tidy sum back then and as a Samsui, her tasks was to cart bricks on her shoulders or build scaffolding from bamboo poles and thankfully with the help of the heavy machinery, her work was done.
Evidence from source B
The evidence is...
"At 5am every day, she went to the market to hand-pick ingredients. Meat for the Wanton Mee was minced by hand in the morning while her son got ready for school".
1st Common Criterion
Both Sources are similar in showing...
These women named Moey Chye & Yuet Meng were young women who toiled every day to earn a living.
Evidence from Source A
The evidence is...
"For each day that she laboured for 12 hours in the sun, Moey Chye was paid $3".
This means that...
Yuet Meng who was a young woman has brought herself a food stall located near the National Library at Stamford Road. She had to pick ingredients in the market at 5am so early in the morning and mince meat for the Wanton Mee. Additional, she would walk few kilometers to fill all three buckets up. He had to start working at 5am to 3pm (10 hours day) to earn a living for the bills and school fees for her son studying in school.
2nd Common Criterion
Both Sources are similar in showing...
They are very persevering and they did not give up no matter what obstacles they faced.
Evidence from source A
The evidence is...
"The Samsui woman abided by a strict code of conduct. They never shield away from hard work and rejected jobs if there was a hint of vice or illegality involved. Even if that meant going hungry".
This means that...
She does not do any illegal jobs just to earn money and would rather choose the hard jobs.
Evidence from source B
The evidence is...
"She almost called it quits twice. The first time was due to land reclamation along Stamford Road, when she faced relocating her stall and building up a new clientele. The second time was during the water rationing of the 1960s, when life for hawkers was especially hard. Back then, she would walk several kilometers to fill three buckets with water for the day's business".
This means that...
She was very persistent and she did not give up no matter what obstacles she faced. She believes in herself that it is possible to pull through the obstacles and nothing's the end.
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