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No description

Breydon Doubet

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of Dracula

By: Bram Stoker
Main Characters:
Count Dracula
Sorry, wrong Count!
That's the real guy.
Count Dracula lives in his castle in Transylvania. He is probably around 2,000 years old, and he stays alive by drinking the blood of babies and young women. He is supposedly the master vampire, so the leader of all vampires. He has a diabolical plan to buy real estate in London and suck the blood of lots of babies and young women. After he drinks blood he turns young again and wreaks havoc. He sleeps all day but from 6 P.M. to 6 A.M. he is awake.
Jonathan Harker
Jonathan Harker is a real estate agent that wishes to sell several plots of land to Dracula in London (He doesn't know that Dracula is a vampire yet). He travels to Transylvania to show Dracula the plots of land. He gets suspicious of Dracula not to mention all of the warnings, crucifixes, flowers, and garlic given to him by villagers (They know Dracula is a vampire). He is then trapped in the Count's castle and he must escape.
Professor Abraham Van Helsing
Van Helsing teaches medical sciences at a college. He seems like a boring professor, but he is actually an awesome vampire hunter.
John Seward
John Seward is a student of Van Helsing's and he own mental institution with a very interesting patient.
Renfield is the mental patient of John Seward who has a zoophagaus disease. This means he is obsessed with consuming life. He eats flies, spiders, and he wants to eat a cat, but John won't let him have one.
Mina Murray/ Harker
Mina is the fiancee of Jonathan Harker. His soon to be wife who helps him out with all of his troubles throughout the story.
Lucy Westenra
Lucy is the friend of Mina who practically does nothing in the book, but she is still important.
Arthur/ Lord Godalming
Arthur is the friend of John Seward and soon to be husband of Lucy Westenra.
Quincy Morris
Quincy Morris is a friend of Arthur's that has a lot of money and willingly spends it to help out the crew.
The book starts out with Jonathan Harker riding a carriage to Dracula's house in Transylvania. This book is written in journal entries and letters. Jonathan is visiting Dracula to sell real estate in London. The month is October and all of the locals are begging Jonathan to go back home because it is the month of the demons. They also give him several crucifixes, garlic, and flowers. Jonathan is sort of curious of why these people are acting so weird. He then switches carriages to go on some back roads. He is suspicious of the carriage driver who is very pale and has sharp teeth. The carriage is soon surrounded by wolves, and it seems as if the carriage driver can control the wolves because he shoos them. Jonathan arrives at the castle greeted be the Count. He asks him about his carriage driver and is answered with saying that he has no servants. Jonathan thinks that the carriage driver would have to be the Count himself. Jonathan is quickly shooed to his room after dinner. In the morning the Count is no where to be found, so Jonathan explores a bit, but he finds that he is locked in a series of rooms. After dusk the Count visits Jonathan apologizing for his absence. The next morning Jonathan is shaving when the Count comes into Jonathan's room. Jonathan looks into his mirror but can't see the Count's reflection. The Count then exclaims on the vanity of mirrors and chucks Jonathan's mirror out of the window. Without the mirror Jonathan cuts himself and he bleeds. The Count grabs for his throat but stops when he sees the crucifix. He suddenly leaves the room. That afternoon Jonathan is looking out of the window when a woman starts yelling at him. She calls him a monster and screams at him for her baby back, confused Jonathan leaves. That night he sees what he thinks is the Count climbing face down the castle wall. In the morning he can't even leave his room because it's locked. Again that night the Count climbs down, so Jonathan decides to follow. He enters a room that looks like it hadn't been touched in ages. He falls asleep and awakes to a furious Count telling him to get back in his room. The next night Jonathan explains to the Count that he must leave. They approach the front door, but when the Count opens the door wolves charge in. Jonathan recedes and so do the wolves, the Count then closes the door. The next morning Jonathan decides that he must escape. He goes back into the old room and then enters into an underground chapel. Jonathan comes across many boxes, which he opens. In one he is surprised to find a dead Count. Jonathan checks his vitals but it still seems like he is alive. In his diary entry Jonathan says goodbye and the story moves onto other characters.
This book takes place over the course of about 3 years. It takes place in London, Transylvania, and other surrounding countries. The settings can give you an eerie feeling because you never know when Dracula is going to pop out.
Armed with their previous weapons but with the addition of Winchesters because of all of the wolves in Transylvania. Van Helsing and Mina take a carriage and the others take a boat down the river. Along the way the Professor and Mina run into some of Dracula's minions which Van Helsing kills. The horses were scared to death and they had to walk the rest of the way. Van Helsing desecrates the tombs of those vampires and Dracula's which he finds along the way. Now Dracula can only be in one box. On the boat the men see some gypsies with a carriage and a large box. As they get on land they approach the same time that Van Helsing and Mina do. The gypsies won't let them open the box, and when they get close Quincy gets stabbed and Jonathan gets the box open. Inside lies Dracula and as he opens his eyes he gets staked and his head gets chopped off and filled with garlic. Quincy later bleeds to death and besides that they all live happily ever after.
Personal Opinion:
I enjoyed this book fairly well. I would probably rate it an 8 out of 10. I would give it this rating just because there are some long talking parts, but other than that it is pretty suspenseful and creepy. I would recommend this to anyone who likes classics.
After Jonathan's diapearance the book goes into a state of Mina and Lucy talking about their men which kind of stretches out. Mina is wondering what is taking Jonathan so long. Then on the harbor a ship rams full speed into a cliff. A dog leaps off and there is a dead man tied to the steering wheel of the ship. Everybody saw this as an accident, but then a ships log was released. In the log it describes how the crew was dissapearing off one by one. Everyone assumed they died because they weren't on the boat. There had been sightings of a dark figure on board, but they could find no one on the ship. They didn't check the cargo though. It came down to two men the captain and first mate. The first mate jumped off in fear of death, and the captain wrote of the dark figure before he died. Lucy is a terrible sleep walker and she will walk all over town. After the accident had happened she wandered off one night. Mina couldn't find her, but then looked in the courtyard that they always sit at. She saw Lucy there but she also saw something behind her with red eyes. Mina approaches her and there is nothing next to her. Lucy is appears to be fine other than she was very pale. Lucy couldn't remember anything except for red eyes. The next few nights she hadn't been sleepwalking and there was a big bat slamming up against her window. However she starts to get sick and very pale. Meanwhile Mina gets a letter informing her that Jonathan is in a hospital with a brain fever ranting and raving about demons. She goes to the hospital to pick him up where he seems fine but he's acting a little weird. He has this journal that he tells Mina not to open unless of dire need. Lucy isn't getting any better with the help of John Seward, so he calls up his old professor Van Helsing. When he arrives he acts strange around Lucy like he knows something they don't. He starts with a blood transfusion, which works but the next day she is sick again. The professor notices two little prick marks on her throat that worry him. That night he decides to put garlic all around her room and close the window. The next morning they discover Lucy's window open, Van Helsing asks the mades what happened. One said that it was stuffy so she took down the flowers and opened the window. Van Helsing pretty much says that Lucy will die. Which she does the next day. After the funeral there were strange occurring deaths of little boys playing with the "pretty lady." Van Helsing then offers to show Jonathan, John, a grieving Arthur, and Quincy Morris something. They follow him to Lucy's grave at night. They enter the catacombs and Van Helsing opens her tomb and she is not inside. They then follow the Professor outside where they find an alive and pale Lucy. They are all horrified because there is something different about her. She then tries to lure Arthur but Van Helsing tells him to stay back. She starts foaming blood at the mouth and letting out freaky scream. They get her to the ground where the Professor drives a waxed stake into her heart and cuts off her head which he stuffs with garlic. They are all disturbed of what he just did, but he then explains to them the concept of the Un-Dead and vampires. They then start their hunt for Dracula which Mina and Van Helsing had read about in Jonathan's journal. The Count had boxes full of dirt that he had hidden around the city to rest in. They set out to destroy the boxes and the Count armed with: flintlocks, sacred wafers, stakes, crucifixes, kukri knifes, and a Bible.
Jonathan knows where the boxes are because he sold the property to Dracula. They find his many estates and destroy the boxes by putting a piece of the sacred wafer inside. They don't find him in any of the houses, they head back to John's house to rest until tomorrow when they will get the final boxes. They get back to the house/asylum to find Renfield almost dead in his cell. His spine is fractured most of his bones are broken and he is severely bruised laying in a pool of blood. It takes them a while to wake him up, but he tells them that the master was angry at him for lying. They soon figure out that the Count had been visiting Renfield and he was helping him. After this is over with they all get some sleep. They all awake to some screeching and find Jonathan is in a trance and Mina has been bitten by the Count who is still in the room. They try to kill him but he escapes. They are close to getting Dracula so even if Mina is bitten she isn't a vampire yet, but if they kill the Count she will be human again. In the mean time they try and cleanse her but they just end up putting a hole in her head. They get to the last of Dracula's houses to find him there but no box, they end up putting a gash in him and he then bleeds golden blood, he escapes once again. They find out from townsfolk that Dracula had boarded a ship back to Transylvania. They get everybody on a train headed for Transylvania.
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