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Modals of probability: Must/can't + Might/may

Copy of Academy: inserting animations in Prezi.

Marisol Smith

on 13 October 2011

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Transcript of Modals of probability: Must/can't + Might/may

Kablam We use modal verbs of probability to express opinions based in the information we have. The rules: 1. That little girl very happy playing with the hoop.
(I am 100% sure about that because I can see her happy face) [MUST / CAN'T] = 100% sure I like a flying pig this Halloween.
(...or not...I still haven't made up my mind yet) fig. 1 fig. 2 When we are not absolutely sure about something that happened (or not) in the past. 4. [Certainty in the past] We are 100% sure about something
that happened (or not) in the past. For example:
That frog not be suffering due to the anaesthetic. I some cooking lessons...I would really like to learn how to make jam. Talking about possibilities... Loop Zoom When we are certain about something that happened in the past, we use . When we are certain that it didn't happened we use [May / Might] = Good possibility 2. I don't know how he fell,
but he playing
in the edge of the cliff. 3. [Might / May + have + past participle] It looks harder than it is...
you just need to practice
to manage it properly. ...take notes:
We use___/___ to
talk about possibility.
We use ___/___ to talk about certainty.
now is your
turn to put
this into
practice. Certainty: Present Tense Certainty: Present Tense Possibility: Past Tense Nobody knows how he won the race....He practicing a lot. Poor little mouse,
he really scared.... must have been Or not.... might have been might have been must + have + past participle couldn't + have + past participle ...and certainties. may must be might dress up may take up
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