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Asap Rocky 2

No description

Anthony Lauren

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of Asap Rocky 2

INTRO Born Rakim Mayers, Rocky endured the kind of troubled childhood that most kids don't usually escape. His father went to jail in connection with selling drugs, his older brother; killed to gun violence, and Rocky himself in and out of shelters with his Mom and Sister. He recently had an interview with Interview Magazine and spoke about his life, his struggle, his childhood and his career. He states that growing up in New York on 116th street and Morningside, was real "Hip-Hopish". Growing up there were nothing but boys and girls with rap ambitions, prostitutes, pimps, poor and homeless families, and "Crack Zombies" His Struggle. After his father went to jail and his brother got killed, his mother decided she wanted to get out of the neighborhood she was in and try to forget about everything that happened. So she moved rocky and his sister to North Carolina in a shelter. He says "It was just like one big a** f****** gym full of bunk beds, random people, and strangers bunking with each other." He goes on to say "There were huge bins on the floor by the bunks for you to put your belongings in there. It was horrible! I don't know what made her decide to go to a shelter, but she just wanted to escape the life she had in New York." After a month of being in the shelter, Rocky's aunt let them live with her for a while. He says "It was pretty hard to stay with her (his aunt) because she lived in a upper-class neighborhood and all the kids would laugh at me because I didn't dress or act like them." Shortly after, his mom got a job and they moved to the projects. But staying there didn't last long because his mom got into a fight with one of her co-workers and got fired. So they eventually went back to New York and lived in another shelter. Rocky says "After school, all my friends would be like 'Yo, Rocky, lets go to your house!' But I'd just be like, 'Nah man, I can't have company.' I was too embarrassed to admit that I lived in a shelter." One day, a friend of Rocky's seen rocky walk up to the shelter he was living in, after school. His friend asked him, what he was doing there and he said his mom worked there. Rocky's Personality. Rocky has a pretty unique personality. He's a Pescatarian (someone who only eats fish) that's unique to me because I've never met or even heard of a Pescatarian. Not only that but Rocky's good friends with multiple gays, while a lot of people in the industry plays "Homophobic" Rocky embraces his friendships. In Interview Magazine he says "I'm not a gay activist or anything, but I am friends with a lot of designers, which are gay. We're homies, it's not like I'm uncomfortable being around them; their sexuality doesn't matter. I know what I like and I know what I want. When people say the industry is Homophobic, I find that one- Hard to believe because I'm sure their stylists or something are gay, and two- I find it ignorant. To not like someone because of what they prefer is like, not liking someone who eats ice cream.. It's what they like, it's what they want. Why would you pass judgement on someone because of who they are? S**** weak!" His Style. Rocky style consists of his favorite designers. As he raps about being dressed in Rick Owens, you can also catch him in a pair of Red Bottom, Micheal Kors, Alvolvch Aluciano, and many more. Musical Influences. Bone Thugs N Harmony,
The Diplomats,
A.S.A.P ROCKY Intro]This is my story, my struggle, uhMy bittersweet symphony, my pain, check it[Verse 1]Food getting lower, money coming slowerDamn land lord keep bitching cause you owe herI'm too afraid to grow up, I pray to God I blow upAnd roll up in something foreign where the front doors go upI wonder if my peers could hear my prayersThe only nigga got me scared is the man upstairsWhen my back against the wall, I'mma face my fearsI'll swallow my pride 'fore I swallow a tearCause I be going hard, Stevie on his jobI'm praying until something happen, I'm answering to GodThese wolves got me scarredI try so hard to survive, guess just to prosper gotta strive[Verse 2]Then I hit the stage, all gone and blazedEverybody know my name and the song I sing rejoice my pain and they doing the same And the haters gonna hate, I'm just doing my thing Got my bad bitch with me she so dangySaid she love ASAP cause we so tangyLiving life fast so I feel like kidsAnd I'm blowing up fast so I feel like B.I.GWith the Super Nintendo, Sega GenesisNow we doing deals with the major businesses Get a little change, niggas feel a little strange Uh-oh truck flow, pull off in a rangeNiggas say I changed but I'm living it upShit if money didn't change you, you ain't getting enoughFuck coppin a car, I'm Tryna fly to the stars Smooth on the moon and I be mobbing to mars Niggas say I'm ill, y'all ain't telling me shit Nights that I cried, y'all ain't help me with shit Ooh money change drastic, The coupe do gymnastic The doors lift up and the roof do a back flip Zooming through traffic, probably with a bad bitchSlash actress and we on our way to Saks Fifth Life was so tragic, all of that was past tenseNow I'm living lavish, this got to be magic[Outro]If I should die before I wakePray the lord my soul to takeAs I lay me down to sleepPray the lord I rest in peace "New York Bittersweet Symphony" Lyrics. Open Ended Q's I found my article on Interviewmagazine.com, these are some questions that stood out to me, that I've chose to answer.

1. What made Rocky a
2. The Hip-Hop industry is
homophobic, what is Rocky's
view on homophobia?
3. What made him want to
change his life situation?
4. What or who influenced
Rocky to rap?
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