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Using one large image

Daniel Koh

on 4 August 2010

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Transcript of FLO 6

Key features? A teacher's decision-making... Simi Kuan of Activities?

School's LMS
Specifically, integration of school's various IT platforms to facilitate a seamless learning/teaching experience.
And the aftermath...

Our current system is a pioneering effort in digitalising teaching techniques.
Therefore, there was no previous blueprint to speak of. Pop Quiz!
Why did we embark on this journey on SDL and CoL? we started from here Intended Learning Objectives:

Students to research beyond provided materials
Change mindset to be more receptive of different perspectives
To support evidences with different types of resources
To consider circumstantial evidences without biasness Students don't really stay focused
Difficult to track progress during lesson
Not spatially-and-temporally synchronised
Issues! Kum Sia! Bye Bye! Now, onto
flaws! What's thy? So.... 30 Photo credits: 'horizon' by pierreyves @ flickr SDL and COL
Based on their prior knowledge, it allows them to explore the edges of the unknown.
It allows the students to explore non-linearly, and by extension, bask in a learning environment that is diffusive, dynamic and fluid.
It's basically an opportunity for them to go "Eureka!" Scaffold students' learning
Blended learning
Teachers as consultants/ moderators
Hands-on learning
To promote the "coming out of the closet"
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