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MGT201 Human Resources

No description

Kate Thornton

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of MGT201 Human Resources

MGT201 Human Resources
Selection & Recruitment
Hilton Worldwide Hotels

Hiring Globally
Best Fit
Strategic Human Resources
The current method Hilton employs of using their own international internal HR Team, ensures that the process for employment is streamlined, consistent & subject to quality assurance globally through Hilton.

By utilising a global network for HR practices, Hilton is able to empower employees & owners & create an international hub for recruitment. Through this HR system, Hilton has the resources to not only recruit & retain but also deal with any issues such as employee relations, employment law, contractual & bargaining agreements etc.
Agencies vs. Internal Recruitment
In Australia’s current economic climate, the search for employment / positions has never been more competitive. With an increasing unemployment rate and an influx of highly skilled candidates, now is the time where employers hold the balance of power when recruiting.

The fact that Hilton does not allow external recruitment agencies to put forward candidates for positions is a point of difference. By only employing though the Hilton Worldwide Careers portal, all applications are captured in the same format, use the same database and ensure consistency of application information when recruiting.

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Human Resource Practices
“A world of Opportunities for you”
The core objective of Hilton Worldwide Careers is to position Hilton Hotels as the #1 employer for Training, Career Development & innovative HR Practices.

“Hospitality, Integrity, Leadership, Teamwork, Ownership & Now”
These values provide the framework for the creation of roles, position descriptions & the recruitment focus for obtaining the right resources which will embrace the Hilton “Blue Energy” Culture.
Blue Energy
Blue Energy is the promotion of empowering employees to live & uphold the Hilton vision, mission & service culture.

Delivering our Promise
Celebrating our Stories
Living our Values
Q1: Is social media the new way to apply for jobs? Has anyone in this forum applied for a job through LinkedIn or been head hunted?

Q2. Have you ever stayed at a Hilton Property before? How do you rate the service you received from the staff?
Q3. From your experiences with Hilton you believe the current method for recruitment employed by Hilton to hire high- performing staff is successful?

Q4. Do you think there are any benefits to hiring internally?
Application of HR Practices
Hilton is unique in that it is centralised around one Human Resource Information Management System (HRIMS) for a worldwide service based organisation.

This system enables Hilton to recruit, develop & retain employees through one streamlined & consistent approach.
Application of Values, Vision & Mission
The values, vision & mission form integral foundations of the HR Practices at Hilton. These assist in building a team of dedicated employees who will progress Hilton through to the forefront of the Services Industry.
By centralising the HR system & practices, Hilton are creating a process to uphold the vision, mission & values of Hilton Worldwide.
Employing Staff
Lesley Tierney & Kate Thornton
Hilton Recruitment Cycle
Position Vacant Identified
Newly created position requirement
Internal movement
Create / Define Position Description
This is the ideal opportunity to review the Position Description, ensure it is still current & relevant to the position & keeping with the values of Hilton Worldwide
Shortlisting Candidates / Phone Interviews
Phone interviews are a critical activity in the shortlisting process. This is an opportunity to briefly assess whether or not the candidate should be considered further.
Interview / Reference Checking
Hilton will often conduct panel and group interviews with heads of departments relevant to the position.

Hilton requires 3 work references to progress through the interview stage. Reference need to be non-related and relevant to job vanacy.
Work Simulations, Evaluations & Psychometric Testing
Successful Applicant Selected
Induction & Probation Period
Advertise internally & through Hilton Worldwide Careers at
Advertise Position
It is common practice now for external testing to take place prior to employment. This often takes the form of psychometric or personality testing. Coupled with this, Hilton also require practical assessments to take place for certain positions.
Contracts exchanged & commencement date set
Hilton Hotels is named after CEO and creator Conrad Hilton, and was established in 1919 when Conrad Hilton purchased his first ever hotel The Mobley in Cisco, Texas. Since then the company has expanded geographically, produced original hotel and travel concepts, and developed innovative technologies to enhance the guest experience. Today Hilton Worldwide is the leading global hospitality company, spanning the hotel sector from luxurious full-service hotels and resorts to extended-stay suites and mid-priced hotels.
Hilton Hotels is the leading global hospitality company, spanning the lodging sector from luxurious full-service hotels and resorts to extended-stay suites and mid-priced hotels. Hilton Worldwide offers a world of opportunities when it comes to employment and career development. There are currently more than 300,000 team members at properties in 90 countries.
Global jobs can be found on the Hilton Worldwide careers website
New jobs are added to the website on a daily basis.
Hilton Worldwide strives to find the best and brightest talent to join the Hilton team. Hilton has adapted a hire philosophy which focuses on both achieving company goals and furthering an individual’s career while remaining committed to the Vision, Mission and Values.
The company has a commitment to attracting high performing candidates from diverse application pools, and screening the most qualified individuals based on the best match to desired qualifications. Hilton has a Recruitment policy in place to ensure all global locations of Hilton Worldwide are following the same standards for both internal and external recruitment. Hilton Service Standards involve providing a high quality and innovative product to all guests. Hilton believes in employing people who share the same vision and who help the company to create a culture where people are friends as well as colleagues.
Our Brands
Hilton look for the demonstration of the following key attributes in their Team Members:
•Living the Values
•Customer Focus

H- Hospitality - We're passionate about delivering exceptional guest experiences.
I -Integrity - We do the right thing, all the time.
L- Leadership - We're leaders in our industry and in our communities.
T- Teamwork - We're team players in everything we do.
O- Ownership - We're the owners of our actions and decisions.
N- Now - We operate with a sense of urgency and discipline

Vission Statement: - To fill the Earth with the Light and Warmth of Hospitality.
Mission Statement: - We will be the pre-eminent global hospitality company, the first choice of guests, team members and owners alike.
Hilton offers a comprehensive induction process tailored around each department & position to ensure that safety, culture & best work practices are taught from day one.

Each position is also subject to a mandatory probation period of 3 months or minimum of 90 days. This is common practice in most global workplaces.
Recruitment Agency
Pro's & Cons
Agency Fees: Sourcing & Retention Fees
Existing Networks & Talent Pools
Specialist Industry Knowledge
Proven Track Records
Length of time for Recruitment & Selection Process
Hilton Worldwide Careers Portal
Pro's & Con's
Single source of recruitment may be restrictive
HRIMS tailor made to suit Hilton's specific requirements
Ease of relocation through a single HR system worldwide
Streamlined hub for international recruitment through the Hilton Worldwide Careers Portal

Any outages or IT issues will result in a complete breakdown of the recruitment process
Embracing technology & remaining current with new methods of recruitment through social media, Hilton have managed to ensure that while using one portal for recruitment & selection, Hilton actually are covering the same mediums used by others in Recruitment to capture the market audience.

This includes LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter.

How Technology is shaping the Recruitment Process (HRIMS)
Moderately-priced hotels delivering consistent quality, value, and service.

Stylish vacation ownership resorts in select destinations.

The luxury brand offering a unique service experience and the world's landmark hotels.
Casual, affordable all-suite properties that help guests feel at home.
stylish all-suite brand of extended-stay hotels
Upscale, affordable hotels engineered for value and comfort.

A superior all-suite lodging value for both business and pleasure.
Our flagship brand, with more than 550 hotels and resorts in nearly 80 countries across six continents.
Offering genuine comfort to business and leisure travelers in over 350 locations.
A world of style, service, and connection for today's sophisticated traveler.
Hilton Worldwide University is a training and development website for employees of Hilton, comprised of five colleges and offering more than 2,500 online courses. These courses provide worldwide recognised training and employment opportunities.
Hilton Hotels does not offer International Sponsorships- only for Management positions or Higher.
The company is subject to certain restrictions on its ability to recruit or hire employees from certain other countries. This can be due to employee contracts that limit their ability to solicit or hire former colleagues, or non- solicitation provisions.
Hilton hotels could see a greater success in recruitment, with the additional use of external recruitment agencies and their existing networks. However this could and would potentially have an affect the Global brand standards.
International working permits and visa laws can pose a problem in international job vanacanies and recuritment.
Hilton utilises PeopleSoft & SuccessFactors software as their HRIMS to recruit & retain employees. This allows Hilton to have state of the art applicant tracking & a web based application process to support the international recruitment portal. Having a centralised HRIMS creates one general database to track employees, training & provide historical data to analyse trends.

Taking this approach, Hilton have established themselves as a holistic HR provider & are setting new benchmarks for innovation & technology for streamlining the selection & recruitment process in the Services Industry.
Hilton HRIMS
Hilton Hotels is the fastest growing International Hotel Chain. It has over 3,750 hotels (with over 800 more properties currently in the pipeline) operating in 84 countries, across 6 continents and employees over 130,000 team members worldwide. A career within the Hilton family of hotels opens up a world of Hospitality to its employees.
Hilton Worldwide has been a legendary symbol of hospitality for nearly a century. The brand is recodnised worldwide for its unparalleled guest service, delivered by talented team members with integrity, innovation and excellence.
Hilton team members are responsible for living up to the brand promise that every guest feels valued, cared for and respected.
As one of the largest management companies in the hospitality industry, Hilton's Internal Human Resources Team manage over 665 properties and have over 100,000 team members to maintain. Their main focus is on recruiting and retaining the industry's finest team members
Additional Information
Hilton Worldwide is a beacon of innovation, quality, and success. The company has been a pioneer in the Hotel industry.
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