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Nick Lawler

on 17 February 2015

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Transcript of War


Main Idea: Why do wars begin and continue to occur?


Weapons of War
Purpose of War
Weapons have had major advances throughout time
Technology has allowed countries to develop better weapons
Weapons of mass destruction have given countries confidence in fighting
Weapons have contributed to how countries defend their land
Weapons are a major part in the power struggle of war
Countries use weapons to gain power across territory
Financial and Human Costs of War
Who is affected in war?
In just the war in Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan over 350,000 people died from direct war violence.
220,000 civilians have been killed due to warfare nearby
U.S. costs are going to be $2.2 trillion
Iraq and Pakistan/Afghanistan costs art going to be $4.4 trillion
Wars constantly put the people living in the area in danger
Kids are forced to leave their families to fight in wars
Many soldiers die in wars and innocent lives are taken
Nick Lawler, Christian Paape,
Quinn Williquette, Calvin

Wars In History
Kids forced into wars lack the education they need
They are often placed in front to draw enemy fire
They are more likely to be involved with drugs
Countries participate in war to become more powerful
There is a constant power struggle throughout the world
Even though war has great costs to every country, they still continue to fight
War causes countries to sometimes tear apart due to tension.
Wars can either benefit or severely worsen the country
Wars cost every country involved a large amount of money
Korean War
~$50.00 Million
The Korean war was fought from 1950-1953. The Korean war was started to stop communism in Northern Korea ,and gain democracy for South Korea
Reasons for War
Many wars are started due to bargaining failures/ trade miscommunication reasons.
Religion also sometimes plays a large part in the starting of a war. (e.x.-holocaust)
A major war starting factor for modern day is terrorism.
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America and North Korea still have bad relations today as Kim Jong-Un ( North Korea's
leader) is the dictator. While South Korea has freedom and democracy now.
Ways War Changes Lives
Houses can be taken over and become hospitals for injured soldiers
Friends and family can be separated or be on opposite sides of the battlefield.
Invasion of Afghanistan
The invasion of Afghanistan of is a war on terror that started in 2001 after 9/11 and troops and are slowly getting pulled out today
The United States Military is still fighting the war on terror right now against ISIL in the Middle East, they arise as the new terrorist threat.

Wars long -term effects
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Even after soldiers get out of combat, they experience severe long term effects such as asthma, tubberculosis and others.
Many post war disorders are common such as hearing troubles and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
Sources (cont.)
Side effects of invasion of Afghanistan

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Side effects of Korean War
Wars are very costly to everyone involved
Innocent people have been injured, killed or forced to relocate due to fighting
Countries partake in war to become more powerful
Technology has changed war throughout the years
Wars have impact soldiers both mentally and physically
There is a constant power struggle between countries across the globe
Even though there have been many wars in our past their is good hope that there will be less in the future.
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