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FCIC Outreach Management in Salesforce

No description

Ryan Edelstein

on 17 July 2013

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Transcript of FCIC Outreach Management in Salesforce

But could work like this!
Outreach Management in Salesforce!
What's Changing...
and Why?

FCIC has seen a lot of success using campaigns and other outreach activities to grow our audience and to help deliver useful information from and about the government.

But maybe there is some room to improve...
Who is this for?
Does it affect me?

What does the
future look like?

Connectivity to Measured Voice, Gov Delivery, WebTrends/Google Analytics
Comprehensive performance metrics to guide future decisions about targeted marketing
Reduced planning time for recurring campaigns
Who's doing
Does anyone know
when the GovD
will go out?
Which Google doc
are we using?
Where are the
images for the
promo page?
You need it TODAY?! I
thought that wasn't
happening until
next week!
Collaboration andOrganization
I guess we need
to hold more
sometimes looks like this...
I wish I'd known
about this campaign -
I had something that would have been
perfect to add
Metrics reporting!
Will the pubs be in
stock on time?
Promote our channels and content, and grow and nurture our audience
It's for
in FCIC who works on
outreach or campaigns
See a calendar of planned campaigns
What can I do in Salesforce?
Collaborate on campaigns and share ideas
Monitor printed pub inventories for campaigns
What is a campaign exactly?
A campaign is a series of outreach activities designed to increase awareness of a specific topic, delivered over a defined time period, typically using multiple channels and multiple assets. Campaigns can be branded with their own identity (within the overall brand) to help bring cohesion to the various outreach activities.
July 4th
Economic Hardship
Older Americans Month
Catalog mailing
Congressional Favorites
Spanish Bulk
Kids.gov Summer Promo
Print ad (PSAs)
Retirement Planning Week
USA.gov content update
Single blog post
GovD announcing page update
Facetweet referencing USA.gov
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