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Summary of Sing Down The Moon Chapters 1-5

No description

Brittany Boringq

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of Summary of Sing Down The Moon Chapters 1-5

Summary of Sing Down The Moon Chapters 1-5

By Gabriel and Kevin

Running Bird and Bright Morning get captured by the Spaniards
Bright Morning,Tall Boy,Running Bird,White Deer,and
Long Knife, Spaniards
Tall Boy
Bright Morning
Running Bird
White Deer
Long Knife
Characters Goal
Bright Morning's goal was to escape from the Spaniards
Reaction To The Conflict
Running Bird and Bright Morning refuse to eat the corn cakes and try to make a plan to escape
Resolution Of The Conflict
The resolution is Nehana and Running Bird help Bright Morning escape
Summary of Sing Down The Moon Chapters 1-5 6 Sentences
It has just turned spring in the Navajo village.Bright Morning takes the sheep up the mesa and clouds appear.She does the dumb thing and stays thinking that it will pass by,but it lightnings and she runs away leaving the sheep.When she gets home her mom asks where the sheep are when her mom figures out she left them there she got upset and they had to go up the mesa in the rain.The warriors go on a raid on the Spaniards then the Long Knives come and threaten them if they did not keep peace in Old Bears house .Running Bird goes to Old Bear's house to see whats going on and Old Bear tells the Long Knives that they are keeping their peace.Bright Morning and Running Bird are up in the mesa and come across some Spaniards who are lost and tell them where to go,but they are slave sellers and capture Bright Morning and Running Bird for slaves.
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