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Mark Twain

No description

Alex Thompson

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Mark Twain

Mark Twain aka Samuel L. Clemens Born 10/30/1835 in Florida, Missouri
Grew up on the Mississippi River
Listened to tall tales in slave quarters
Father died
Becomes newspaper apprentice Childhood "The Dandy Frightening the Squatter"
Traveling- NY, DC, Philly, St. Louis, Chicago
Riverboat pilot
Civil War
Nevada, Territorial Enterprise, Mark Twain
San Francisco, "Jumping Frog"
Early Life Lecture tour
The Innocents Abroad
The Gilded Age
Tom Sawyer
Huckleberry Finn Bankruptcy- inventions
Anti-imperialist League
Olivia dies, 1904
Twain dies of heart attack, 1910 Later Life His Prime His Writing Style Adventure
Humor, Satire
Irony His Stories "A Ghost Story" Narrator stays in eerie hotel room
Hears creepy noises
Tension builds until...
Apparition appears as the Cardiff Giant
Giant only wants his body to be returned
Narrator is relieved
Tells Giant it's the wrong body "The Story of the Good/Bad Little Boy" Jacob Blivens wants to be Sunday-school boy
Helps blind men, stray dogs, etc.
Always punished for goodness
Killed for good deed
Jim hates Sunday-school boys
Steals, lies, goes fishing on Sunday
Gets away with everything
Lives successful life, legislator "Cannibalism in the Cars" Narrator meets man on train
Stranger tells about past train ride
24 men on board, caught in snowstorm
After 7 days without food, resort to cannibalism
Democratically elect meals
Story-teller enjoys them, no remorse
He's really a crazy old congressman Use of Irony Situational Dramatic Plot Character "A Ghost Story" Scary situation is actually benign
Shows society's gullibility, obsession with abnormal Situational Dramatic Plot Character "The Story of the Good/Bad Little Boy" Both boys turn out opposite of Sunday-school book prediction
Shows impracticality of extreme religious doctrine "Cannibalism in the Cars" Men think they are acting civilly while commiting an inhumane act
Shows the corruption of the political system "Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County" "Intelligent" narrator is gullible, narrow-minded
Uneducated Smiley is creative, interesting
Shows irrationality of stereotypes The Cardiff Giant Hoax in New York
10-ft. tall, "petrified man" dug up on farm
American public wildly infatuated
P.T. Barnum creates copy
Revealed as a fake
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