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Best Menswear Consumer Behaviour

Quentin Ghyssaert, Zakaria Bentizi & Denis Borreman

Seamus Osborne

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of Best Menswear Consumer Behaviour

Best Mens Wear was established in 1948, a fully Irish owned company, employing 250 people with 15 shops nationwide

Irelands Largest Independent Mens Retail Provider
Target Market
The target market for Best Menswear would be the slightly older, middle class male. This target group would be in the 35-60 age bracket.
Best offer a wide variety of quality designer clothes e.g. Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste & Bugatti. They also offer a suit tailoring service.
Best sell a number of designer suits and offer a tailoring service.
Menswear Market
According to the Irish Retail Industry Sales Review the menswear market in Ireland has decreased by -3.78% in 2013 (www.retailexcellence.ie)
Previous Digital Marketing Strategies
Strategic Goal
To grow brand awareness and boost sales in the Best stores
Digital Campaign
Best Menswear have lacked a strong strategic digital marketing campaign and have fallen behind competitors in this regard
Website - The company have a website which has limited information about the company, store locations and promotions. There is no option to browse stock or make purchases online.
Social Media - The company currently only has a presence on two social media platforms. These are Facebook and Twitter. Neither of these platforms are performing well with only 1,460 likes and 310 followers on twitter
Digital Promotion Activities
Customer engagement and relationships are becoming an integral part of any company.

In recessionary times, companies need to make their customers feel valued and encourage brand loyalty (Christopher et al. 1991).

Best Menswear have engaged in very little digital promotional strategies with their chosen digital platforms.

Social Media
Social media is an increasingly important form of marketing for brands and the beauty of it is that it is suitable for any sized business, from freelancers right up to multinationals. The strategy and budgets may differ, but the tools of social media are out there for anyone to use, so long as you have the know how (Fox, B. 2012)
Best Menswear use of social media
To date Best have failed to properly utilise their chosen social media platforms. Their Twitter page is only updated a few times a week, but the content has very little relevancy for the business and its market. The company does not run any form of competitions or promotion through their social media page and do not appear to offer any customer service benefits through their Twitter feed. The company does however use their Twitter to highlight the brands sponsorship of the Leinster rugby team with their banner picture being of a Leinster player and emphasises that they are the official sponsor of Leinster.
Best Menswear use of Social Media
Best have a fairly poor presence on Facebook. The page has roughly 1,460 likes which is a very low figure for an Irish company that has been around for over 50 years with a high level of brand recognition. The company makes very little use of this platform with infrequent updates and irrelevant content. There is no customer service feature on the brands Facebook page, which customer comments or complaints going largely ignored. As with their Twitter the company mainly uses their Facebook to promote the brands sponsorship of the Leinster rugby team. the only form of promotion on the Facebook page is tied in with their Leinster sponsorship and the competition was to guess the score of various Leinster matches. The company has also hosted events in conjunction with Leinster players where they will come to the store and meet fans.
Best have to date failed to keep their customers interested and engaged with their products.
The company fails to project an image of the brand through their website, as it is quite vague and lacks emotion.
There is little information about the stock which the company sell, and no way to browse or shop online.
The company runs few competions through their social media platforms, which limits the brands abililty to build consumer engagement, and limits customer motivation in relation to the brand.
A marketing concept that encompasses a customer's impression, awareness and/or consciousness about a company or its offerings. Customer perception is typically affected by advertising, reviews, public relations, social media, personal experiences and other channels.
We would perceive that Best has a very poor level of perception with consumers. The brands only real source of promotion is through their sponsorship of the Leinster rugby team and occasionally through tradition channels such as radio and print media.

Through the company's social media their is little attempts made to increase public relations with the brand and there is currently only one customer review on their Facebook page.

We would conclude that the Best menswear brand has very poor consumer perception of its brand.

Hedonic Value
Consumers increasingly want to purchase things that provide hedonic value (satisfy emotions) in addition to simply doing what they are designed to do (Solomon, 2013)
Best do not provide a hedonic value to their customer through their digital strategies. There is currently no features in the brands online presence through which a consumer could derive a hedonic value. For the most part they would only satisfy consumer emotions in store through their products.
An attitude can be defined as a general evaluation of a product or service formed over time (Solomon, 2008)
Solomans four main attitude functions are
Utilitarian Function
Value Expression Function
Ego-Defensive Function
Knowledge Function
Best have failed to fully cover all areas of the attitude function.

They do not have an eye catching,useful or inviting website

Extremely limited social media presence and campaigns

No way for customers to connect and share experiences about the brand.


Consumer involvement deals with the idea of consumers forming strong relationships with products and services (Soloman, 2013)
Factors which can create involvement in consumers are:
While Best have had good intentions with their digital strategies, they have failed significantly to involve customers in any tangible way.
Product Range

Best Menswear sell a wide variety of brands and different fashions for men. Including:

Best Online Store
We would recommend that best expand their business into the internet shopping market.
Ecommerce is helping to drive a boom in the men’s fashion market, with one third of men shopping online for clothes, new research shows.(marketingweek.co.uk)

Best should update their website to facilitate online shopping by adding their inventory and a checkout facility to their website.

We would recommend that Best design a website which would be similar to the Marks & Spencer mens website as this would be targeting the same demographic.
Digital Marketing Campaign
Our second recommendation would be that Best design a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

Facebook: Best should commit to having more frequent updates which could take the form of pictures of new stock, articles about the brands sold, information on in-store events, updates about the Leinster squad, promotions and competitions and any other form of relevant, interesting content.

Twitter: Best should also commit to more frequent updates and the posting of relevant interesting comment through their Twitter profile. The type of content on their Twitter could be very similar in style to the content posted on their Facebook. In addition we would recommend that Best use Twitter as a customer service function. We feel that Best could endeavor to extend their brilliant in store customer service to their online presence.

Best could run competitions which could tie in with the launch of new ranges of clothes by offering chance to win vouchers or discounts etc. Competitions could also be run in conjunction with the Leinster teams matches where people could try guess the score of the match to win vouchers or discounts. These could be redeemed either in store or on the online store.

To conclude, so far Best have failed to establish a strong digital profile. Best have been unsuccessful in catering for their consumers needs. We believe that the most suitable way forward for Best is to improve their social platform and their online activity.
Kathy Brooks - C10368321
Lisa Brown - C10367159
Claragh Fitzsimons - C10317277
Seamus Osborne - C10309089
Robert Rogers - C10337239
Alex Swan - C10376593
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Best currently don't have a YouTube page

For the quality of this video, the low number of views should be a concern for the company

We believe that this is an area that could help Best improve their online presence through videos highlighting their range of brands and fashions and their continued support of the Leinster rugby team.

The Perceptual Process
The perceptual process is a sequence of steps that begins with the environment and leads to our perception of a stimulus and an action in response to the stimulus.

Exposure stage - digital marketing does not appeal to our senses

Attention stage- If companies fail to gain consumers attention then they will disconnect very easily

Comprehension stage- if consumers don't understand the message that companies are trying to send out they will most likely avoid engaging with the brand


We believe that best should create an Instagram account.

Regularly uploading photos of Best's product range could raise the awareness of the brand.

Celebrity endorsement
Thanks for listening !
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