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Bullies: Pros and Cons

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brooke albee

on 14 December 2010

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Transcript of Bullies: Pros and Cons

Bullies Being Procecuted:
Pros and Cons
Debate! Pro Point #1:

Prevents criminal activity in adulthood Con Point #1:

Bullying is a vague topic "A boy who is a bully at age 8 is three time more likley to commit a crime by age 30, and less likley than others to finish college and locate good jobs," according to NC State University. Pro Point #2:

Gives victims a sense of protection. Pros To Prosecuting Bullies: "Over 280,000 kids are physically attacked in secondary schools each month," says www.stopbullies.com Pro Point #3:

Cuts down on teen suicide "... violence can turn inward,thus
creating bullying suiside,"
says www.stopbullies.com Cons to Prosecuting Bullies: Con Point #2:

Bullies need to be reached out to "... but bending the law so we may punish those we feel accountable only makes a mockery of the system; it does not end the anguish," said decouverterre.com Pro Point #3:

Teen suicides are not just influenced by bullies " The issues behind teen suicide are complex to say the least. Many factors play a role in how teens relate to their peers, handle criticism amd tolerate the abusive acts of bullies," said Sam Diaz in his article, Rise In Teen Suicide: Beyond The Bully? Bullying means something different to everyone, it is hard to determine Work Cited:
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By: Brooke Albee, Mallory Eilers, Ashleigh Friday, and Timmy Robison
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