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Cell Analogy-Football Team

No description

Dante D'Alonzo

on 18 November 2015

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Transcript of Cell Analogy-Football Team

Animal Cells=Football Team
Nucleus=Head Coach
Mitochondria=Pep Talk
Endoplasmic Reticulum=Quarterback
Ribosomes=Offensive Coordinator

The pep talk get everyone ready for the game and get the players energized. The mitochondria releases energy out into the cell and energizes the cell just like pep talks energize the team before a big game.
A quarterback is like an endoplasmic Reticulum because a quarterback moves the ball around on the offensive side to all the receivers and the running back just like the endoplasmic reticulum moves things around to different parts of the cell.
The lysosome is part of the cell that contain digestive enzymes that can break down Macromolecules as proteins, nucleic acids, and polysaccarhides. A defense is like Lysosomes because a defense breaks down the offense to try and stop them just like Lysosome break down macromolecules.
Vacuole is the part of the cell that stores undigested nutrients for the cell. The bench on a football team stores players for later uses. They both stores important things for the things.
Vesicles specialize in transporting proteins
through the cell membrane just like the runingback moves the ball through the offensive line.
The head coach makes the plays and tells is players what to do just like the nucleus. The nucleus is the main powerhouse of the cell. It controls and tells the parts of the cell what to do.
Ribosomes create the proteins in a cell, they are located on the E.R. making it a rough E.R. the offensive coordiator makes plays for the offense to use just like the ribosomes.
Cell Membrane=Offensive Line
The cell membrane surrounds the cell and protects it, but it also lets things through like vesicles, just like an offensive line. an O-line protects the quarter back, but also lets the running back through so he can move the ball down the field,
Golgi Complex=The Plays
The golgi is an organelle that modifies, stores, and routes proteins and other chemical products around the cell just like plays in a football game. Plays need certain players and store the others, change, and try to move the ball down the field.
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