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Elizabethan Fashion Today

No description

Kyra B

on 13 January 2013

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Transcript of Elizabethan Fashion Today

Elizabethan Fashion
Today PAST FASHION Jeopardy A Blast from
the Past Hot and
Trendy 100 200 300 100 200 300 100 200 300 Mix and Match -Royalty set all of the trends during the Elizabethan Era.
- What you wore defined your social status.
-The colour palettes included gold, silver, deep black, pure white and rich indigo and purple.
- Embroidery, ruffles, trims, lace and sashes were a must.
- There was double the amount of fabric under your clothing which included corsets, petticoats and partlets. Elizabethan Era CURRENT FASHION 2013 -Magazines and television show us our latest trends and styles.
-Vibrant neon colours are often used.
-Oversized tops and sweaters are a winter must have.
- Women's wardrobes are filled with fun and loud printed clothing.
- DENIM! DENIM! DENIM! SIMILARITIES 1558-2013 -Dresses exist in both Eras.
-Embellishments such as embroidery are found in today's fashion as well as the fashions of the past.
-Socio-economic status can still influence what people wear.
-Shoes are made of leather.
-Fashion is still a top priority for most women. DIFFERENCES 1558-2013 - Women wore ivory wedding dresses instead of white; which is a popular trend now.
- Women and men work for their money to purchase clothing.
- Clothing is manufactured instead of hand made.
- Our generation is more immodest; as we show much more skin then the Elizabethans did.
- Our clothing is much lighter and more comfortable. Final Jeopardy What is the name of the
Kardashian's sisters clothing store? What colour
shoes should NOT
be worn after
labour day? How expensive
was Kate Middleton's Alexander McQueen wedding gown? Name a fabric used in the Elizabethan Era. Who reigned as queen during the Elizabethan Era? True or False
The sleeves were so heavy in the Elizabethan Era that they had to be separated from the bodice, but fastened to the corset with laces. What are most shoes made from in both eras? When did the Elizabethan Era
officially start? Queen Elizabeth the first True Silk, velvet or satin Dash White $400 000 Leather What shape was the wire frame that Elizabethan women wound their hair around?
D)Semi Circle B-Heart Shape 1858 The End What is the most popular colour of clothing in America? Black Kyra Balogh Insert video here
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