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Jim Dine, Contemporary Artist

No description

Cassie Stephens

on 10 February 2015

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Transcript of Jim Dine, Contemporary Artist

Jim Dine, Contemporary Artist
An Artist's Themes
Artists Inspire
We are going to be creating our own heart-themed artwork inspired by Jim Dine! Everyone in the school will be working on a heart masterpiece that will be apart of the Johnson Elementary Love Mural! Let's get started!

Jim Dine, Contemporary Artist
Jim Dine is an American contemporary artist. This means he is actively creating art for a living. In his art work, you'll see a lot of his favorite things: hearts, tools and even his bathrobe!
Pop Art
Pop Art is an art movement. An art movement is when a group of artists have similar ideas about what and how they paint. Pop artists painted everyday popular objects. Look at these Pop Art works. What do you recognize?
Artists create what matters most to them. For Jim Dine, he often painted hearts because of the love he had for his wife. That was one of his themes.
Another theme was tools. Jim Dine's father owned a hardware store when he was growing up. He probably spent a lot of time playing with and examining the tools. What tools do you recognize in this work of art by Dine?
An Artist's Style
Jim Dine has created in many different art styles. Sometimes he might paint in an abstract way then draw in a very realistic manner. Finding your style is important. It's your art voice!
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