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Values During the middle Ages

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Krupa S.

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Values During the middle Ages

Values During the middle AGEs
The ideas that we believe are important and the things that we rate highly are our values. Many times, we mix a value and belief together. A belief is something that is not proven but it is known to be true where as a value is something that is important and precious to you; it is usually based on beliefs. Values are not only objects they can be feelings as well.
People had many values during the Middle Ages. One of the many values was the chivalry. Normal everyday people, especially women valued the chivalry because the women got honored. The chivalry was the generic term for the knightly system of the Middle Ages. The KCC was a code that all knights vowed to follow. It inspired virtues and qualities in its followers. The four main virtues a man had to have to become a knight were honor, honesty, valor and loyalty. The chivalry directed that the knights had to be loyal, generous and always respect women. Earlier, a knight only married a for woman her property. However, after this all knights had to pay respect to theirs ladies.
The song of Roland is a perfect example of what the Knight Code of Chivalry states. Here are some phrases from the song:

-To fear God and maintain his Church
-To protect the weak and defenseless
-To live by honor and for glory
-To fight for the welfare of all
-To obey those placed in authority
-To keep faith
-At all times to speak the truth
-To respect the honor of women
-Never to refuse a challenge from an equal
-Never to turn the back upon a foe
Acquisition of land
During the Middle Ages, land was a big thing for everyone. Land provided food, shelter, protection and the most important thing, power. In these times, land meant power. If you had land, you were rich, wealthy and would be respected. Peasants worked to maintain their lord's land in return for land which would give them protection, food and shelter.
Male Protection
In this era, people valued and needed male protection. In this time, only men had the authority to work. Women would have to stay at home and take care of the children and the house. Ladies depended on men to protect them. People valued children especially boys, because they expected the boys to work for their family and take his families name into the next generation.
Valor was a value at the time of the Middle Ages. That's because, if a knight was to fight in a war and done a really great thing, he would be respected and told of his greatness. That would give him honor, respect and a good reputation, it would also give him power to command other knights. As mentioned earlier, power meant a lot in this era.
Religious Structure
Everybody valued the religious structure during the Middle Ages.
Feudal Hierarchy
Feudal hierarchy was basically the Feudal system. The hierarchy just explains how things worked. The following three points explain what people have in return for land.

Kings gave land to Barons in return for knights and in times of a war.

Barons gave land to knights in return to serve in times of a war.

The knights/lords gave land to peasants in return for loyalty.

The hierarchy was valued because it gave people land in return for something and as we mentioned earlier, land meant power. As long as people have power, they have everything.
Religious Structure
Another important value was religion. People had a tremendous belief in god. They would go to the church very often. During that time, people had a fear of hell. The RCC taught them how they can gain the entrance to heaven. People believed in everything that the Church taught them, it was their way of being educated. They valued this religious education because of all the good things it taught them such as gaining the entrance to heaven.
People valued many things during the Middle Ages, women valued the chivalry because due to the chivalry, women got respect and honor from knights. Another value was land because it gave people food, shelter and protection and if you had land, you had power. The third value was male protection, because almost all families depended on the men to protect them and work to provide his family with food. The fourth value was valor because if a knight fought really well in a war, he would be respected and that would give him power. Moving on people valued the Feudal hierarchy because it gave land and land meant power. Finally yet importantly, people valued religion because it was their only way of education and it taught them good things and gave good morals to become a better character.
Acquisition of land
Male Protection
Religious Structure
Valor of
Feudal Hierarchy
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