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Visual Kei

No description

Tania Quilodrán

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of Visual Kei

Visual Kei It started in 1980 based on the Japanese rock, mixed with the glam rock, heavy metal and punk rock. The first visual kei band was "X Japan", one of its greatest role models was "Kiss" one of the greatest north american rock bands. X Japan El visual kei se divide en varias sub categorias aquí las más representativas Oshare kei It began in 2001, Groups Oshare Kei incorporated a sound that has been influenced by modern pop punk. The letters, usually tend to focus on issues that are happy and positive, often about love and relationships.
In theirs costumes the colors are mixed with dark and usually tend to use accessories such as hats, bows, among others. They are always given a happy appearance. Kote-Kote Kei Its glory was in the '90s. The hairstyles are one of the most striking things that the Kote kote has. Their clothes are basically made up of tight leather, corsets, lace panties, very high platform shoes, and many more accessories.You can easily recognize a song by its beautiful guitar chords. Eroguro- Kei Erotic and grotesque means in it, the make-up aims to make the music more erotic, uglier and also more aggressive. The clothes are dark. The sound is usually more aggressive with deeper letters. Angura kei Bands are strongly influenced by the traditional Japanese culture, they also tend to adopt the typical Japanese clothes, wearing a kimono and black and white makeup. The aim of the Angura Kei Band is to create something as Japanese as possible, with minimal external influence. For its production, this style uses hospital and medical elements with red spots sometimes to pretend blood. It is an aggressive and grotesque style, these hospitals elements have a psychopath appearance. Iryou Kei Visual groups usually dress as women, as they were formed in the kabuki theater women and men were not allow to representing them, so the visual-kei fashion came. Origin An Cafe They began in 2005, they were one of the leading exponents in the Oshare-kei, generally with very creative music. They were also known for their outfits Oshare and its followers in general tend to choose to wear this type of clothing cheerful and colorful It is a visual kei band formed in 2007. Its style is characterized by the use of dresses and costumes Old style, in addition to an elaborate musical construction, solemn and emotional, both melodic and heavy. The concept of Versailles is described by its members as a search for "absolute Youshikibi" Versailles Dir en Grey It is a Japanese metal band formed in 1997, eroguro-kei formed by lead singer Kyo, they are five members: Kyo, Shinya, Kaoru, Die and Toshiya. Kagrra Active since 1998, Kagrra, consists of five musicians. The band's name derives from "kagura" which means "the music of God" Sex Android It is a Japanese band belonging to iryou kei independet label Pop Art.
They were formed in 1995 Serenade
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