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Word Wizard -- Adrift Unit 4

Sailing jargon and boating terms that enhanced my understanding of the story after looking them up.

Christina Arvotti

on 10 April 2011

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Transcript of Word Wizard -- Adrift Unit 4

Adrift on a Sea of Blue Light
Role: Word Wizard

By: Christina Arvotti
Spring 2011 Stern The rear (or aft end)
of the boat Bow The front (or forward end)
of the boat Helm The entire steering
apparatus of a ship Starboard The right-hand side
of a vessel Port The left-hand side
of a vessel Jib A triangular staysail set
ahead of the foremast
of a sailing vessel Mast Boom Tiller Horizontal poles for
extending the feets of sails A handle fixed to the top
of a rudderpost to serve
as a lever in steering it A structure rising above the hull and
upper portions of a ship or boat to hold
sails, spars, rigging, booms, signals, etc. Hull The main body of a vessel Rudder The vertical blade of a vessel that
can be turned horizontally to change
the vessel's direction when in motion Keel Winch A crank used to adjust the tension of a wire rope A longitudinal structures that
frames are fastened to in
order to provide stability Anemometer Forestay An instrument that measures the speed
of the wind or of another flowing fluid An adjustable stay for controlling the motion or bending of the mast Some of the different types of boats mentioned with pictures Ketch Skiff Catamaran Cutter Whaler Schooner
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