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Advancement Services -- A Primer

No description

Jennifer Liu-Cooper

on 3 August 2014

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Transcript of Advancement Services -- A Primer

Prospect Research & Management
Advancement Services:
Who are we?
Where do we fit in?
What do we do?

Prospect Research
& Management
Prospect 'Research'
Identification Donor Prospects who have:
(Giving) Ability
Interest (in a giving opportunity)
Wealth screening/ratings
Relationship Mapping
Peer Screenings
Prospect Tracking
Documenting relationships and cultivation activities (contacts, solicitation outcomes, etc.) in the 'system'.
Prospect assignments to MGO portfolios
Pipeline reporting
Prospect Management
Documenting receipt of gift (tax receipt)
Communication of thanks (letters, email, phone)
Demonstrating understanding of donor intent (gift/pledge agreements, etc.)
Engagement & Loyalty
Demonstrating our bond with the donor in ways that are not tied to the giving of a gift:
[Non-Fundraising] Events
Publications (information sharing)
Volunteer Involvement
Publicly celebrating and/or commemorating a donor’s gifts or other contributions in keeping with their wishes:

Publicity (publications, signage, etc.)
Events honoring donors
Respect for anonymity (wishes)
Accountability, Compliance, & Fiduciary Responsibility
Fulfilling donor intent
Prudent fund management
Meeting the needs of the Institution.
Impact Reporting
Student letters and profiles
Faculty updates, events, and reports
Endowment Fund reporting
Deans' annual progress reports
Ad hoc and Self-Service Reports
Campaign & Prospect Management reporting
Gift Recording
& Bio Data Collection
Methods of Giving (sources)
Online/Electronic Gifts (e.g., web gifts, recurring payments, etc.)
Data Quality
Regular 'scan' of most important data (name, address, employment, etc.)
Formatting consistency (according to institutional biz rules)
'To buy or not to buy' data (addresses, etc.)
Gift Processing
Financial transactions processed (credit cards, securities, checks/cash, etc.) and 'fed' to Finance (G/L)
Gifts recorded in 'system' according to donor intent (including giving 'options' Pledges, Matching, Planned, etc.)
Tax Receipts Issued and send (24/48 hrs.)
Data Collection
New biographical and address data collected from constituents (mail, email, etc.)
Data loads (new grads, students/parents, ticket holders, involvement info, etc.)
Advancement Services
Director of Stewardship and Events
Assistant Director of Donor Communications (acknowledgments)
Assistant Director, Special Events
Gift Recording & Bio Data Collection
Director of Data Services
Gift Processing Manager
Data Integrity Manager
Data Entry Specialist
Systems & Reporting
Research Analyst
Prospect Management Specialist
Prospect Tracking Specialist
Input on cultivation strategies
Just In Time research
Natural partner identification
Estimation of gift potential
A Primer.
Systems & Reporting
Programmer Analyst
Report Writer
Analytics Programmer
Business Intelligence
System Administration
Legacy System (e.g., CRM, Raiser's Edge, Advance, etc.)
Data Integration
3rd party tools
Integrated system support:
servers and databases
web services
reporting services
software support
Liaison to Campus Units
Central IT
Integration with other data collection points (Finance, Student Systems, Web, etc.)
Database Administration
Server Maintenance
Other Areas (Athletics, Theater, Patients, etc.)
System & Data Integration
Data integrity
Data syncs
Mass data updates
Configuration of vendor applications (e.g., online giving, event registration, etc.)
Where do we fit in?
Who are we?
Advancement Services.

Advancement Services Management
Advancement Services Management
Asst. or Assoc. Vice President
Exec. or Senior Director
Project Management
System upgrades
Integration of data feeds from external sources (e.g., web giving, student/parent data,etc.)
Prospect management implementation
Gift Acknowledgments
Other projects assigned or not!
Strategy and Planning
Project planning to support Advancement objectives
Operational business rules
Technology planning (e.g., business toolset, social media integration, etc.)
Cross-institutional partnerships
Campaign Planning
Talent Managment (recruiting & retention)
Functional Oversight
Audit compliance
Confidentiality of data
System & Data Security
[Customer!] Service delivery
Jennifer Liu-Cooper
Mark Lanum
Caroline Chang
Jason Boley
Jennifer Shimp-Bowerman
Meredeth Winter
Mary Carole Starke
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