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ife tobun

on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of HOSA Bowl

HOSA BOWL By: Ariana Jasso
Ife Tobun
Errol Magistrado What will we do? Teams consisting of three-four (3-4) members each will take a written text in Round One. Top scoring teams advance to Round Two and compete by giving appropriate responses to items presented by a moderator. These items may be in the form of questions, incomplete statements, and/ or definitions. Winners will be determined by a series of elimination round. The last remaining team becomes the first-place winner of a section. Section winners play final rounds to determine the top three teams. Ru es Resources Needed Preparation Product Flowchart HOSA Bowl Room Diagram Dress Code VICTORY Test Questions 1)The competitors must be active members of HOSA and understand what they are competing for.
2)The National HOSA test item bank has to develop the written test and questions.
3)Competitors will have one hour to complete a fifty question, multiple choice test for round one. No study list will be provided. Team scores will be averaged to determine who will move on to round two. The teams participating will be seeded according to their scores in round one. A tie breaker is determined by pre-selecting ten questions.
4)There are usually thirty-two secondary and eight post-secondary/collegiate teams seeded for round two. Round two pairing and three alternate teams will be posted prior to round two.
5)Competitors have five seconds to push the buzzer after the moderator has finished presenting each item. Competitors have five seconds to respond. If it is answered correctly, then you get one point. If no buzzer is pushed there will be no points.
6)The moderator will not give the correct response to an item if neither team can answer correctly.
7)Semi final rounds: when they are 4 teams remaining in the event, the semifinal rounds begin.
8)Final round: the two semi-final losing teams play each other. The winner is third place and the losing team is fourth place. Following the consolation match, the two unidentified teams play each other in the championship match.
9)Competitors can not communicate with the audience.
10)Competitors must be familiar with/and adhere to the "General Rules and Regulations of the National HOSA Competitive Events Program". To prepare for this event there are several things we have to do. we have to read several books which we already showed to you. we also have to familiarize ourselves with the HOSA organization and everything that has to do with it. Since this is not an event in which we make something there really isn't a product, but we do gain something by participating in this event. we get the opportunity to expand our knowledge on health-related topics as well as HOSA related topics. this will help prepare us for our future occupations as Health Care Professionals. Competitors must be in official HOSA uniform or in proper business attire. Bonus points will be awarded for proper dress in Round One. All team members must be properly dressed to receive the bonus points. Teams who are not dressed appropriately for Round Two will not be allowed to compete. HOSA Uniform Policy:

Tailored navy blazer with emblem affixed over the heart.

Shirt/blouse for females (white tailored or short-sleeve white jewel neck shell
Shirt for males—white closed-neck, man-tailored dress shirt, suitable for use with a tie
Accent for female members - maroon HOSA scarf or tie is optional but not required
Accent for male officers - navy or maroon long tie
Matching navy slacks for males and matching navy slacks or skirts for females
Closed-toe blue or black shoes (hose optional) Sample Round One Questions
1. The type of shock that is caused by a drop in blood volume that causes blood pressure to drop is
A. anaphylactic shock.
B. cardiogenic shock.
C. hypovolemic shock.
D. septic shock.
2. The president or chairman of a group may vote:
A. in an election of officers.
B. if the motion deals with allocating funds.
C. to make or break a tie.
D. when the vote pertains to the bylaws
3. The HOSA creed suggests we treat people “who are important in their own right with
A. knowledge and skill.
B. friendliness and compassion.
C. interest and concern.
D. respect and love.
Examples of Types of Items in Round Two
Question: What is the study of cells called?
Incomplete Statement: The study of cells is called ______.
Definition: Give the term defined by this statement/phrase: "The study of cells." The percentage of questions will be as follows:
• HOSA Related 15%
• Parliamentary Procedure 10%
• Health-related 75%
History and trends
Health care systems
Health careers
Legal and ethical
Medical terminology
Anatomy and physiology
Nutrition and diets
Infection control
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