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on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Me-Ality

What is Me-Ality
In 20 seconds a shopper can step into a Me-Ality Scan Station and be scanned, fully dressed.
Physical & Internet-Based

Consumer to Business

Business to Business

Me-Ality takes your exact body measurements and matches them to clothes that will fit and flatter your figure.
Get a personal shopping guide, which recommends the best fits for you.
Millimeter Radio Waves
Software Utilization
Avatar Shopping
Data Mining
Health & Wellness
Me-Ality collects the precise height, weight, and body mass index.
Diagnostic Tool
Progress Tool
Wellness Tool
Health Assessment Tool
Customized Products
Scanner Sales & Leasing
Technical integration with Website
Data Integration for customized manufacturing
Managed Business Services
All inclusive scanning services offered to industries requiring high-volume scanning during a specified and short period of time.

costume houses
theater productions
theme parks
sports teams
Competitive Advantage
A Pioneer, the future of retail
How does Me-Ality work?
Utilizes Millimeter wave technology
Scans 200,000 points of reference in less than 20 seconds
Creates a MeID, giving customers access to website
Offers products that "fit and flatter" exactly proportionate to size
Shopping is getting easier, as dressing goes digital
The price? Less privacy.
Pioneer, Innovative
Saves time, Creates Value
Early Entry into the Market
Partnering & Acquisitions
Stores have potential to implement their own versions
Technological advances
Threats of new entry
New options for better fits
Not a huge demand
Eliminates human contact
Limited Privacy
High costs to entry
35% of consumers scanned are under the age of 25
70% are under 40
72% are female.
"Vanity Sizing"
There are no consistent sizing standards through clothing brands.
The Future
Creation of an Interactive Phone App
A instantaneously updated personal avatar
Sports Equipment
Medical & Government Fields
Expansion Possibilities
By: Angelica Robinson, Jeffrey Bold, Raul Sotelo, Vincent Hernandez, Alicia Gutierrez, Ivette Vicenti, and William McConnell
Threat of Entry
Substantial Profits
Increased Competition
Threat of Suppliers
Increase Costs
Price Increase
Lower Profit
Threat of Buyers
Seek Lower Costs
Seek Substitutes
Walk Away
Threat of Rivals
Advertising Expense
Competitive Reactions
Threat of Substitutes
Limit Price
Limit Profits
Replace Product/Service
Business Use
Porter's Five Forces
High bargaining power for suppliers
Technology has multiple uses
Multiple markets
Reduces expansion of retail stores
A study conducted on 4,000 Me-Ality users
94% found the service accurate
78% became aware of new brands that were suggested to them via their MeID
60% bought a brand they had never heard of because it was recommended.
"Women Shop, Men Buy"
62% of women who shop cannot find clothes that fit.
Over $45 Billion of clothing is returned every year.
Global Market
World Wide Web
Target Market
& Demographics
Business Use
Health & Wellness
Database Licensing
Managed Business Services
Global Market
Women & Men
The Future
Competitive Advantages
SWOT Analysis
Porters 5 Forces
Scan, Fit, Shop
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