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What do we love about Ohio Northern?

No description

on 26 October 2013

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Transcript of What do we love about Ohio Northern?

What do we love about Ohio Northern?
The Campus?
The facilities?
The food?
The history?
We aren't sure we can tell you,
but maybe we can show you.
This is us
We love the sense of community,
specifically, the Greek community
Because we are proud of our letters AND our school.
We'll always support each other;
from philanthropy events,
All Greek help on Freshman Move In Day
Kappa Alpha Thetas doing some heavy lifting
A Sigma Pi and a Sigma Phi Epsilon helping out
An Alpha Xi Delta helping at monthly a
highway cleanup
Delta Zetas at the annual Delta Sigma Phi Polar Plunge for the March of Dimes
Delta Sigma Phis taking the plunge
to everyday life on campus.
An Alpha Xi Delta and Delta Zeta at a weekly Panhellenic Council meeting
Sisters from each chapter who were Rho Gammas for recruitment
Kappa Alpha Thetas at Greekapalooza
Kappa Alpha Thetas with potential new members at Greekapalooza
A few Sigma Phi Epsilons at an Interfraternal Council event
A Phi Gamma Delta and a Kappa Alpha Theta
A Sigma Phi Epsilon and Delta Zetas
No matter the letters, we're all Greek together.
We're all Polar Bears.
And as much as we lift up our brothers/sisters
We work hard to lift up other chapters too.
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