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Computer Aided Engineering and Design

GT1000 Presentation

Bhargav Viradia

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of Computer Aided Engineering and Design

Mitchell Hardman
Bhargav Viradia
Ismail Breiwish
Mohammad Shafik Computer Aided Engineering and Design Common software used by MEs Finite Element Analysis The Invention Studio Not all drawings can be converted into real life prototypes and hence comes in 3D drawing and animation software.

a. Autodesk Autocad
b. Autodesk Inventor Professional
c. NX Unigraphics
d. SolidWorks
e. CES EduPack 2D and 3D AutoCAD (Inventor) Computerized method for predicting how a product reacts to real-world forces, vibration, heat, fluid flow, and other physical effects. CES EduPack CES EduPack (materials and process-related courses) - contains all databases including composites, polymers, aerospace, bio engineering, nuclear, eco design, sustainability, and architecture needed for advanced and specialized courses. Unigraphics NX 8 Software An analysis of the courses that will require proficiency with the various design software available to Georgia Tech students ME1770- Engineering Graphics Course Description:Engineering graphics and visualization including sketching, line drawing, and solid modeling.Development and interpretation of drawings and specification for product realization. Credit Hours: 3.00 Required
Required course for all Mechanical Engineering Majors.
Software used in ME1770: Inventor and AutoCAD.
Generally taken in second or third semester at Georgia Tech. ME 2110-Creative Decisions and Design Course Description:To learn fundamental techniques for creating, analyzing, synthesizing, and implementing design solutions to open- ended problems with flexibility, adaptability, and creativity through team and individual efforts. Credit Hours: 3.00 Required

A more hands on approach to engineering.
Uses knowledge of software covered in ME1770.

Prerequisites: ME1770
Co-requisite: COE2001-Statics ME 3180- Machine Design Course Description: The selection, analysis, and synthesis of springs, joining and fastening methods, bearings, shafts, gears, and other elements. Design of assemblies. Computer-based methods. Credit Hours: 3.00 Elective
Prerequisites: ME1770, ME2110, COE3001 ME 4041- Interactive Computer Graphics and Computer-Aided Design Course Description: Principles of geometric modeling, finite-element method, and interactive computer graphics hardware and software. CAD and CAE applications in thermal and mechanical design problems. Design projects. Credit Hours: 3.00 Elective
Prerequisites: ME3180,ME3345
Software used: Advanced CAD NX
Finite Element Analysis used
This elective is yet another opportunity to apply the different methods for design to create and design different machines ME4340- Applied Fluid Mechanics Course Description: Advanced study in three areas of fluid mechanics. Topics may be chosen from turbomachinery, flow measurement, compressible flow, applied aerodynamics, and others. Credit Hours: 3.00 Elective
Prerequisites: ME3345
Software Used in this field: Blender 3D, Turbulence 4D, PhyFluids 3D Source: http://www.we-r-here.com/cad_07/tutorials/level_3/3-2.htm Source: http://www.sti-tech.com/fea.html http://aehistory.wordpress.com/1947/10/04/1947-finite-element-analysis/car-crash-fea/ Source: http://ces-edupack-2011.software.informer.com/screenshot/204073/ Source: http://www.benexcorp.com/5-axis-machining ` Thank you for your attention! http://www.catalog.gatech.edu/courses/index.php http://inventionstudio.gatech.edu
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