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be retrofit integrated marketing plan

No description

Jessica Lawson

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of be retrofit integrated marketing plan

focused on helping start-ups
our door is always open
we open doors for clients
be retrofit

focused on helping people improve the energy performance in their homes, save money and ensure comfort
objectives develop the be retrofit brand and message
increase awareness and educate target markets of the need for energy audits and retrofitting
position be retrofit as the industry leader in home performance improvements
graphic design research public relations advertising integrated marketing founded January, 2010 dream of father and son owners are passionate situation analysis people are curious about improving home performance few competitors
lots of education needed utility companies – free audits
DIY homeowners non-certified companies competitive analysis strengths • Limited competition of BPI certified companies
• BPI certification lends credibility
• Family business
• All inclusive service provider; completes audit and home improvement work
• Ed's experience running construction company/years in industry
• Quality control achieved through verification/validation
swot internal external • Other "green" home improvements
• Bad industry reputation from businesses that don't adequately perform work
• Energy audit companies who offer free audits
• DIY homeowners
• Companies that are not BPI certified but claim they can do the work
• Recession; people lack the upfront investment this requires
• Rumors and incorrect information being distributed by competitors; misleading homeowners on what truly achieves home energy efficiency
• Relying on non-certified or non-energy contractors
• Vast amount of historical homes in New England
• Partnering with building inspectors
• Growing interest in consumers being more green
• Recession; rising energy costs; people are looking for ways to save money
• Programs like Mass Save are increasing awareness
• Introduce solution for a problem (e.g. cold floors, drafts)
• Strong press opportunities including increase/reinstate construction workers, health aspect of home energy and efficiency, growing concern for the environment, etc.
• People aren't aware of the problem; a lot of education is needed
• Incredibly technical (lends expertise) but messaging needs to be easy-to-understand
• Company name could be confused with other industries
• Low brand awareness because it is a new company
• Process is invasive; audit goes through entire house and is time consuming
• Upfront cost/payback period and home owners’ fear of incurring cost and then moving
• General lack of knowledge on value of investment
weaknesses threats opportunities “I like to get referrals from someone I know.”

“To me retrofitting implies fixing things that already exist, it doesn’t imply adding new things.” “I always like giving business to a local business over a large national company, and also, I don’t know if a utility company has, you know, alternative goals, in trying to get me to do something.” research findings
testimonials and certifications are essential for small business credibility
money savings and comfort local business more appealing than family business education is -top selling points an integrated marketing plan meet John and Lisa
both 30 years old
live in Medford
plan to stay for 30 years
don’t want to compromise historic look and feel of their home
concerned about drafts in their old home
audience #1 – historic homeowner audience #2 – money savers
meet Drew and Melissa
aged 38 and 40
live in Natick
shop at BJ’s
house built in 1954
Drew is handy, always looking for ways to save money
meet Paul and Karen
both 52
live in Wayland
house built in 1990s
plan to retire in their home
sick of cold floors and drafty windows
audience #3 – homes with problems
audience profiles help homeowners to realize a problem they didn’t know they had
create a message that is easy to understand
maximize visibility and enhance perceptions of expanded home energy audits and the be retrofit company

strategy public relations direct mail additional recommendations tradeshows media plan website recommendations be retrofit helps homeowners improve comfort and energy efficiency in their homes.

We evaluate homes with a top to bottom energy audit to identify and correct problem areas, minimizing energy costs and maximizing home performance
positioning key message active brand
target homeowners
clarification of what retrofitting is
emphasize cost savings while not ignoring environmental benefits
less technical
creative direction branding branding marketing collateral corporate fact sheet
boiler plate
press release
media lists
public relations advertising build a temporary free web site
create content

website provide an opportunity to meet in person
give demo
can be costly
we recommend exhibiting at Suburban Boston Fall Home Show in October
targeted way to get your message out
names can be purchased
inexpensive form of marketing

direct mail budget evaluation bedankt merci sas efharisto toda raba takk grazie arigato gratia tack så mycket khawp khun sagolun cám ơn gracias thank you Whole House Approach Introducing... Go Green, Get Green New opportunities in hard-hit industry Hidden dangers following damaging floods recommendations trade shows ~25,000 attendees reach PR impressions click throughs leads generated web inquiries survey increased sales versatile Jess D. | Jess L. | Chrissie | Jess M.P. additional recommendations social media referral program e-newsletter mobile exhibit money savings &
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