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Sand Jellyfish

No description

Kairee Doty

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of Sand Jellyfish

Sand Jellyfish
By: Kairee Doty

Body Type
-Group is Rhopilema
-sandy texture
-sandy color
-Sand Jellyfish are found in the Indian Ocean
-open water
-can be found along the North Atlantic Coastline
-Asexual Reproduction
-they have separate sexes
-release sperm and eggs into the water
-the egg and cell connect
What the Sand Jellyfish Eats
-the sand jellyfish eats plankton
-zooplankton-small fish
-stingers are so thin that small fish usually run into them and get stung
-the jellyfish reels the pray in
interesting Facts
- sand jellyfish are really rare to find
-there stings dont kill, they can cause a rash, itch, and a burning sensation
-grow up to 2-4.5 cm in diameter
-The Sand Jellyfish is called that because of its texture and color
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