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21st CCLC Program Design

No description

Tyson Ledgerwood

on 3 November 2016

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Transcript of 21st CCLC Program Design

Program Design
Guiding Principles
Arts with the Brain in Mind - Eric Jenson
Wallace Foundation Report 10 Best Practices
Compliance with NM After School Standards
Improving Resources/Community Involvement in High Priority Schools
Growing Capacity of After School Resources
LFC Committee Report on Middle School
Oversight Advisory Committee Guidance
Collaborative spirit with an eye towards innovative leadership and programming
Program Components
Culminating "Family Events"
21st Century Community Learning Centers
Work with school and community stakeholders to design a high quality
21st Century Community Learning Center Program
Program Structure
21st CCLC Schools (12)
Non-21st CCLC Schools (4)
21st CCLC Site Count:
Heizer Middle School: 80
Houston Middle School: 100
Highland Middle School: 80
Southern Heights Elementary: 175
Edison Elementary: 25
Sanger Elementary: 25
Will Rogers Elementary: 25
Jefferson Elementary: 80
Taylor Elementary: 110
Coronado Elementary: 25
Mills Elementary: 25
College Lane Elementary: 65

Middle School
Community Venues
21st CCLC Sites (10)
Middle School
Middle School
Teen Center
21st CCLC School Count:
Heizer Middle Site: 50
Houston Middle Site: 70
Highland Middle Site: 50
Southern Heights Site: 100
Jefferson Site: 30
B&G Club TAY Satellite: 160
B&G Club CLE: 65
B&G Club Central: 250
Teen Center: 90
Center for the Arts: 30

BTW Elementary: 80
Broadmoor Elementary: 55
Murray Elementary: 55
Stone Elementary: 100
Non-21st CCLC School Count:
Non-21st CCLC Site Count:
B&G Stone Site: 100
City Busing - Boys and Girls Club

B&G Busing - Teen Center
Busing Options
21st CCLC Program Sites (10)
Non-21st CCLC Program Sites (4) (FAEA)
1.277 MIL/Year
1.28 MIL/Year
“Chance favors the connected mind.”
- Steven Johnson, Where Good Ideas Come From: The Natural History of Innovation
21st Century Community Learning Centers (21st CCLC)
are providing students exceptional out-of-school time learning and developmental experiences throughout the state of New Mexico. Centers, which can be located in elementary or secondary schools or other similarly accessible facilities, provide a range of high-quality services during non-school hours or periods when school is not in session (such as before and after school, or during summer break). Learning centers foster student achievement through programming that complements the school day instruction. They provide innovative, interactive, research-based programs in a safe and structured environment.

Authorized under
Title IV, Part B, of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA), as amended in 2015
, the primary goal of the state 21st CCLC program is to enable community learning centers to plan, implement, or expand quality out-of-school time learning enrichment opportunities to help students meet State standards in core content areas. 21st CCLC programs must primarily serve children who attend
high-poverty schools
and priority must be given to serving children in
PED high-priority schools.
Program Sustainability
“Fortune favors the prepared mind.”
- Louis Pasteur
Team Empowerment

A Good Team playing to each other's strengths
A Solid Quality Program
Sustained Numbers of Participants
Mentorship through RRH Consultant Group
Re-application in 2020

State and Community Support

Other Title 1V Programs rolling out in 2017-2018
STEM Initiatives 2017-2018
Healthier Schools Bureau Outside Initiatives
Inkind Community Partnerships
Fine Arts Education Act
Boys and Girls Club Sites
Center for the Arts

YEar 1 Pre-Launch Level
21st Century Community Learning Centers (21st CCLC)
Funding Source:

Healthier Schools Bureau @ NM PED (Title 4 Part B)


Superintendent's Office
- I.G.A.
Assistant Superintendent's Office
- Program Plan Negotiations and MOU's with Community Partners
Business Office

All funding is managed through the HMS Business Office.
HR -
All official hiring of paid staff and background checks are managed through this office.
Nutritional Services -
Snacks are provided through this department
- Recommend techinical needs for official PED approval
Central Printing -
All printing for handbooks etc.
- Program Deliverables and Executing the Program Design
Community Liason
- First Point of Contact with the Community
Community Partners -
Decision makers with the participating community partners.
Building Principals/Directors
- Building Access
Site Coordinators
- Management of Program at Site Level
- Direct Instruction with Students
- Assigned to Sites by Community Liason
- Artist-in-Residence and Trainings
- (at some sites)

Important Items:

It involves many departments to execute
The strongest sites have a solid relationship between the site coordinators and the building principal or director hosting the site
10 Sites (7 school based and 3 community based sites).

There is a programming template which includes:
Healthy Snacks
Physical Activity
Academic Support (IXL/Homework Help)
STEM/Arts Enrichment

The Money Follows the Kids
As of October 2016 the program is a perfect bell curve
It is a
NMAEA 21st CCLC Presentation
21st CCLC Launch Overview
Mural Project
Full transcript