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No description

Juliana McLaren

on 4 April 2015

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Transcript of Salvaide!

By: Joe and Juliana
How can I help?
SalvAide History

What our school does
"Our mission is to accompany the Salvadoran people as they build social justice, democracy, and economic development and sustainability" (SalvAide, Mission).
Volunteer for SalvAide!
St. Francis Xavier Social Justice Club
SalvAide meets the needs of low income Salvadoran families. Their needs are:
To support the social movement in El Salvador
Help Salvadorans maintain a sustainable economic growth
To get Canadian's involved in supporting democratic growth in El Salvador.
Founded in 1985, after the Salvadoran civil war.
Ottawa based charity, the only Canadian charity who's sole focus is helping the Salvadoran people
• Democracy and fair social structure
• Sustainable economic growth that helps the poor get out of poverty
• Gender Equality
• Environmental sustainability
• Social Justice
• Disaster relief, mud slides

Democracy and Fair Social Structure
Canadian third party observers delegation
Support local community councils in El Salvador that run democratically.
Sustainable economic growth that helps the poor get out of poverty
Scholarship programs
Gender Equality
Micro-Credit program
examples of funded projects: iguana farms, fruit drying facilities, sewing businesses.
Environmental sustainability
Mining education
Social Justice
Lobbies governments
Delegations for solidarity
Anyone can volunteer!
Variety of activities including:
Office work
Helping with annual dinner and auction
Folding pamphlets
Fundraising events
- Pizza Sales
- Bake Sale
- Cake Auction
- Christmas for Cinquera Gala
- El Salvador trip
- And more!
Address: 219 Argyle Ave. Suite 411, Ottawa, ON K2P 2H4, Canada
Phone: 613-233-6215
Email: info@salvaide.com
Meeting every Wednesday at lunch in the Chapel
See the Chaplain, Ms Baine, or Ms. Peppler for additional information.

The St. Francis Xavier High School scholarship fund funds the educations of 5 students
Students from Cinquera, El Salvador
$10 000 last year
"It was a humbling experience that put a lot of things into perspective" -- Jessica Cucinelli, graduate Holy Trinity
"You don't truly understand the majority world (third world) until you've stood in solidarity with the people who live there" -- Juliana McLaren, student grade 12 St. Francis Xavier High School
"Our need for more has caused us to invade our brothers' homes, steal what they have and forced them to support our society at the cost of the stability and healthy growth of their own"-- Jamie Conklin, grade 12, St. Francis Xavier High School
Clear difference in the communities that are helped by SalvAide.
Every student that receives a scholarship, every women's group that gets a micro-credit is a success.
Still more to be done.
Marta's story
1 of 5 St. FX scholarship recipients
Studying Social Work
“my son is an opportunity not an obstacle”
Some of the bombs that were dropped on the community of Cinquera during the civil war
Tallying election votes during an observers delegation.
School children in El Salvador
2 examples of women's businesses funded by SalvAide
No to mining, yes to life
Awareness program in El Salvador
Videlina Morales, a speaker from El Salvador who recently came to Ottawa for a SalvAide organized mining conference.
Miguel Mejia, SalvAide's representative in El Salvador explaining Salvadoran history to a delegation
First ever Christmas for Cinquera Gala
Marta is the first from the right
February 2013 Holy Trinity and St. FX Social delegation to El Salvador
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