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No description

Hira Malik

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of Oldorando

The Borlein Region
Health Care Restructure

Procurement only of new Aged Care Facility at Oldorando
Strategic Landscape
Task Objectives
Case for Change
- Increase in population

- Young families moving in

- Improved access to region with
completion of new highway

- To reduce unemployment

- Restoration of Heritage town
leading to increase tourism

- Local health industries
- Local health district CEO and board
- Community
- GP's
- Retirees
- Media
- Local Parliament members
- Hospital staff
- Federal Government
- State Government
- State rescue service
- National Park

Hira Malik
Carol Lawrence
Darshan Sooda
Mostafa Alozini
Andrew Piccione
Ahmad Alshehir

Federal Government desires to improve the integration of all health services including reductions in institutional care and minimize hospital Average Lengths of Stay (ALOS)

This assessment of the demand for hospital and Aged Care beds revealed some distinct gaps in availability, as well as opportunities to enhance the community health care programs to:

• Improve patient experiences
• Increase patient compliance
• Prevent hospital admissions/re-admissions
• Detect conditions earlier

To consider the
- economical
- social
- technical
- political changes

to the region and provide viable options to cope with the growing demand on the current health services based on the projections of 2015 and 2020
- Staff skills

- Funding freeze for 4 years

- Accessability ease for patients

- Technology

Option 1:
Major refurbishments across all centers
Increase beds by 2020 in:
- Oldorando by 18 beds
- Osoilima by 2 beds
- Matrassyl by 2 beds
- Ottassol by 6 beds

Weighted Benefit Score:

Cost: Approx $2.45M

Does it solve curent congestion? Yes
Does it solve future congestion? NO

Option 2:
Changes to Services, Aged Care
Minor Refurbishment to Ottasol & Matrassyl

- 26 beds transferred to Ottassol from Matrassyl
- 16 new beds at Ottassol
- Community Center fit out at existing Matrassyl hospital
• Procurement only of new Aged Care Facility at Oldorando
and Matrassyl

Weighted Benefit Score: 710/1000
Total Project Cost $4.711M

Does it solve curent congestion? Yes
Does it solve future congestion? Yes
Enhanced transport plan for patient accessability

No change to existing bed numbers

Expand post discharge program

Introduce early discharge program
-Retaining emergency services
-Move hospital facilities to Ottassol
-Building 120 bed Age care facility
-Expand post discharge program
-Introduce early discharge program

Developing advanced community health care center
youth programs: drug and substance rehab
specialized centre for holistic health

Improve transportation services for ease of access to major health areas

Building a new hospital wing to accommodate the services transfer from Matrassyl

- Increasing bed numbers with a total of 42 beds to meet projected demand

- Increasing transport capabilities to allow ease of patient and community access
Time schedule
Financial analysis
Option 1 $ 2,409,501

Option 2 $ 4,711,404

Risk Analysis
Stakeholder Engagement
Final Proposal
Benefit Analysis factors 710:450
Risk opportunity considerations
Financial analysis
Long term improved healthcare program
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