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Our Tanzania Prezi

No description

Japhia Gun

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of Our Tanzania Prezi

Our Tanzania Prezi
Country Resources
Our Tanzania Prezi
By: Lexi Renkema and Japhia Gun
Education Statistics
Some children are not able to attend proper education because of poverty, abuse and inefficient teachers. Children in Tanzania have 7 years of compulsory education, ages 7-13, grades 1-7 (elementary) They also have 4 years of secondary education, ages 14-17, form 1-4 (high school). They have another 2 years of advanced secondary education, ages 18-19, grades form 5-6 (University/College). Only 50% of the children attend primary school.
National Animals
Here is Tanzania
Population Size
In estimate,
Tanzania has a
population of...

Age Structure:
0-24 years: 64.2%
25-64 years: 32.8%
65 years and over:
Tanzania has natural resources
such as......
Iron Ore
Natural Gas
In Tanzania, 20% of the species
are mammals. Serengeti National
Park is the largest park area in
Tanzania. The giraffe is the
National animal of Tanzania. There are lots of other animals in Tanzania such as, elephants and blue monkeys.
Most of the land in Tanzania is
dry and green. Tanzania contains the highest peak of africa; Mount Kilimanjaro. Tanzania is very mountainous. Mount Kilimanjaro is a volcano just like Mount Meru. There are 5 main lakes in Tanzania, Lake Victoria, Lake Tanganyika, Lake Malawi, Lake Manyara and Lake Natron.
Poverty Statistics
The level of poverty in Tanzania is high. Tanzania has the third highest slum growth rate in Africa. There are over 6 million people living in the slums, 6% per year. The people that live in slums lack of clean water and basic services.
The green stripe represents agriculture
and the fertility of the land. The black symbolizes the citizens of Tanzania, and the blue stripe stands for the Indian Ocean which is by Tanzania's eastern coastline. The yellow stripe symbolizes the country's wealth in minerals.
Housing Types
The people in Tanzania live in mud huts and houses made of bricks. They glue the bricks with mud and stick'em together.
Angels of the Valley
Juma's World
By: Japhia Gun & Lexi Renkema
What Angels Means to Me
This is Tabora
Angels has taught me to not only think like a local citizen but a global citizen, too. Angels has also helped me not to only think about my self. I think it's great that we take the time to sponsor a child from Juma's World.
Angels of the valley is a group of 21
students grades 6/7. Angels is a non-profit
organization, raising money for Juma's world and
The Uganda Partnership. This year, the Angels of the Valley has taken part in Juma's world by sponsoring a child. The total amount of money that we have raised is $266.
Angels of the Valley Website:
Juma's world is also a non-profit
organization, that helps kids from all
ages live a better life. Juma's World helps
lift kids,teens,and adults from poverty by helping them dream about their future.
Juma's World website: http://jumasworld.org/
What Angels mean to
By:Japhia Gun
To me Angels is a fun project that I can do to help others in need. I love being a part of Angels of the Valley because I can make people smile. I especially love the fund-raising and events that we do together.
This is The Angels of The Valley
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