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Cheyenne Allison Math 7th period!

Cheyenne Allison

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of Transformations

Creativity with transformations! Cheyenne Allison
7th period
Translation definition: moving a shape without rotating
or flipping it! The shape will look the same but in a
diffrent place! description: You move the shape with out rotating it or
flipping it so the shape will look exactly the
same in the end!
Reflection definitiion:a reflection is a type of transformation. it is basically a flip of the shape over the line of reflection. Description: The reflection is when the
A axis and the Y axis is the same its the same as if you were looking in a mirror and seeing your self its the same shape and size! Rotation definition: a circular
movement. there is a
central point stays fixed
and everything else moves
around that point in a circle! description: you keep the point
of the shape in the center of
the circle and everything in the
shape moves around the point of the
circle! rule: The translation rule is to write a point
for example (X,Y)
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