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Solving Equations Summative Assessment

No description

Shaianne Olson

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Solving Equations Summative Assessment

Letter to Susan How to Solve Equation 2x+4=10x+3 You should be able
-2x -2x to put x into both
4=8x+3 sides and it should
-3 -3 equal the same
1=8x thing on each side.
1/8 8/8
.125=x 2(.125)+4=10(.125)+3

How to Check Equation If it didn't equal the same thing on both sides it
would be a no solution problem. 4x-5=x-5+3x
4x-5=4x-5 All Solution Problems If you plug in any number for x on both sides it would equal the same thing every time. 4(5)-5=4(5)-5
15=15 Example: OR 4(2)-5=4(2)-5
3=3 -2-3x-2=(-2x)+8-x
3x-4=(-3x)+8 No Solution Problems If you subtracted (-3x) from both sides
or just 3x they would cancel each other out including the X's so it would just say -4=8 and that doesn't make any sense. You use the distributive property to write a product as expressions as a sum of terms. Distributive Property Product: (x+3)(x+6)
Sum: x^2+9x+18 You get the sum by adding the X's together (x^2), adding the two numbers to get a number before X (9x), and multiplying the two numbers together to get the number at the end (18). By: Shaianne Olson
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