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Paradigm of The Outsiders.

This is a Paradigm of The Outsiders and the American Civil War.

bluedefil hansolo13

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Paradigm of The Outsiders.

Paradigm By: Hans Husurianto Paradigm... Of The Outsiders and The Civil War The Outsiders By: S.E Hinton Chapters: 1 - 4 Chapters: 5 - 8 Chapters: 9 - 12 Chapters: 1 - 4 Chapters: 5 - 8 Chapters: 9 - 12 The American Civil War By: The Americans The summary of Chapter 1 Summary of Chapter 2 Summary of Chapter 3 Summary of Chapter 4 Summary of Chapter 5 Summary of Chapter 6 Summary of Chapter 7 Summary of Chapter 8 Summary of Chapter 9 Summary of Chapter 10 Summary of Chapter 11 Summary of Chapter 12 Summary of Chapter 10 Summary of Chapter 11 Summary of Chapter 12 Summary of Chapter 9 Summary of Chapter 1 Summary of Chapter 2 Summary of Chapter 3 Summary of Chapter 4 Summary of Chapter 5 Summary of Chapter 6 Summary of Chapter 7 Summary of Chapter 8 AND THE: THIS IS THE: THE END :) Ponyboy, a main character, likes reading many books. He is part of a gang named the Greasers. The greasers don't hurt anyone unless the are using it for defense. Darry, who is Ponyboy's older brother is usually always harsh on Ponyboy since their youngest sibling Sodapop, dropped out of school. Sodapop was a famous greaser to the other Greasers and the Socs (short for Socials). Abraham Lincoln liked reading many books about anything. Abe (short for Abraham Lincoln) was the head of the Unions. Many members of The Union were abolitionists who helped slaves runaway from The Confederates. The Unions were not harsh on other people. Ponyboy meets the Socials which are more like the snobby type. Ponyboy, Johnny (a greaser), and Dally (the "leader" of the Greasers) head to a drive-in theater and chat to Sherri Valance (nicknamed Cherry for her red hair) and Marcia. The two girls are Socials unlike the boys. They talk about how a Socs' life is and how Greasers get beat up all the time. Abraham finds the Confederates as enemies which are more rich because of slaves. Abe Lincoln and a few other members of the Union sometimes have a talk with the Confederates for meetings. Many speakers like Frederick Douglas would talk to crowds about how free African-Americans are captured anyways and either tortured or returned into becoming a slave. The Socs would jump on any greaser. No greaser has actually hit Ponyboy. Since Darry hit Ponyboy for coming home late, Ponyboy and Johnny ran away to the Greaser's Park. The Greasers were only nice to each other and tried to be nice with Socs. But some Socials were only nice to each other. The Greasers were nice to Cherry Valance. She was nice back to them. The Unions never actually punished anyone. The Confederates' Slave owners whipped and hit slaves. Many of the African-American slaves ran away to the North. Some Confederates were willing to risk their life to help slaves run away. Ponyboy and Johnny slept at the park. In the morning, the Socs find them and one of them try to drown Ponyboy. Johnny had to kill Bob (one of the Socials) to prevent his friend from drowning. Later, they run away to Jay Mountain with Dally's help. Some slaves ran away and successfully escaped. Some slaves failed and were caught by slave hunters and were punished harshly. Many slaves ran away with the help of Abolitionists. Since Johnny had to kill Bob, they had to run away to Jay Mountain, Windrixville. Since the police would find Ponyboy and Johnny with described pictures, they have to cut their own hair to change their identity. The two boys stayed at a church and away from their home for over five days. Dally tell both Ponyboy and Johnny that Cherry Valance is a spy for the Greasers. When they go back to the church from a restaurant, the church is on fire! After Ponyboy and Johnny rescue some kids from the church that were on a field trip, the two are badly burned and bruised especially Johnny. When they are in the ambulance, Ponyboy tells them that they were the ones who killed Bob. They find out Randy is just a guy. The Greasers have breakfast and gets ready for work. Everybody heads for work for money. They go to work or read. Sometimes some people don't think when they are dying. Everybody trains for the rumble. Cherry Valance talks about the rumble coming up that night. Before the war, the Unions either had to attack the Confederate states and get a head start or just be sitting ducks and lose. Since John Brown killed many men, he had to run away from time to time. Men from the army had to stay away from home for a long time. Many men have gotten shot in a battle and cannot think about anything for hours except for their pain. Everybody trains for war. Spies would say everything that is currently happening about the other side. Some slave owners cared about their slaves and didn't harm them. All members of the army wake up and eat breakfast. After that, they train and work for any battle situations. Harriet Tubman was a spy for the Union. Once, a town in Kansas was burned down by the Confederates. A doctor from the Confederates saved hundreds of lives from the fire. Eventually, John Brown had to present his true identity. Army men try to fight for the gold. Many strong and courageous men die in battle knowing that they are fighting for their country. The Union and the Confederates fight starting the American Civil War. The Union side won and gained freedom for the African-Americans. Abraham Lincoln, a great leader goes to a theater with his wife. He is then shot by an assassin probably sent by the Confederates. Honest Abe receives a proper funeral. Johnny says to Ponyboy to stay good. Johnny dies at the hospital. The Greasers beat the Socials in a rumble. They all gained freedom by the Socials. Dally robs a bank in town because he is angry that Johnny dies. The cops finally chased him down and he raises his gun as a "bluff". The police think that the gun is loaded and shoots him. Dally dies happily because he is happy to go to heaven with Johnny. Ponyboy is bored about sitting on his couch doing nothing but drawing. He decides to read a year book from the past and he thinks about Bob Sheldon. Darry decides to be cool with Ponyboy now. After the war, all the men were all happy while their families were bored. Some family members died in war and they probably want to see another picture of them. When the Union wins, the Confederate states and people decide to be cool with the Union and not have slaves. After Abraham Lincoln's death, his assassin, Andrew Jackson was caught and brought to court. He was released and to be lived as a normal person. In 2012, some random kid named Ponyboy writes a story about the American Civil War. Ponyboy goes to court because he's the one who said that he killed Bob. Everybody talks about the entire story from the Socs jumping Johnny and Ponyboy to after the rumble. Ponyboy writes a story called The Outsiders. Chapters: 1 - 4 Chapters: 5 - 8 Chapters: 9 - 12 Annotations By: Hans H. THE END :) "But I am a greaser and most of my neighborhood brothers get a haircut." Both Greasers and the Unions don't really change. Chapter 1 Chapter 2 "I didn't know that all socs were nice like Cherry and Marcia." Not all Socials and Confederates are mean and harsh. Cherry and Marcia Nice Slave Owners. Ponyboy says that he didn't know that not all Socials were mean. He says that Cherry and Marcia are nice to Greasers. Ponyboy says that because he is a greaser, he likes the way he is and doesn't want to change. Chapter 3 "Nobody in my family had ever hit me." Ponyboy says that Greasers were kind and never tried hurting anyone. The greasers never hurt anyone and so did the Unions, they never had slaves like the Confederates and punished them. Chapter 4 "I killed him," he said slowly. "I killed that boy." Johnny killed a Soc. Johnny had killed a Social Many Union men had to kill some Confederates to save their own men. Chapter 1 Chapter 6 Chapter 8 Chapter 7 Chapter 5 "I woke up late in the afternoon." Ponyboy forgot that he had ran away to a church in Windrixville. Ponyboy and many other slaves who ran away from their owners. They had to run away to be free. "Hey, I didn't tell you we got a spy." "Cherry?" "The Soc?" "Yeah." Ponyboy and Johnny find out that Cherry Valance is a spy for the greasers. Like Cherry, Harriet Tubman was a spy for the Unions to help them. "I guess Darry was tired of fooling around, because he picked me up and carried me in." After saving many lives, Ponyboy is exhausted. Ponyboy and Johnny saved many lives from the Church. 1 doctor from the Confederate states saved as many people as he could and he became tired also. "The nurses won't let us see Johnny. He is in critical condition." Many men have been injured severely by burns and falls like what happened to johnny. Johnny is in really bad shape and the nurses were trying their best to recover him. Chapter 12 Chapter 11 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 "Stay gold, Ponyboy. Stay gold..." Johnny tells Ponyboy to stay gold and never change. Like what Johnny wants Ponyboy to be, gold, the men of the army of the Union want to get gold and gain freedom. "I walked down the hall in a daze." Ponyboy is tired and dizzy from the rumble. After the war or fight, every single soul living is tired and want to sleep. "One day, I was flipping through one of Soda's old yearbooks." Everyone wants to see the past every once in a while like ponyboy looking at Bob Sheldon's picture. Ponyboy flips through one of Soda's year book to see if there was anything interesting. "The hearing wasn't like what I thought it would be." Ponyboy has to go to court to have the judge ask him some questions. Like Ponyboy going to court, the assassin of Abraham Lincoln has to be judged. This is the: And the: With: THE END!!! :) Annotation: Annotation: Annotation: Annotation: Annotation: Annotation: Annotation: Annotation: Annotation: Annotation: Annotation: Annotation:
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