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No description

Brian Sweis

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of NEE

What I have done this semester Student Involvement Electroencephalogram (EEG) Study Participation The Neuroscience Society
2010-2011 Speaker Dr. Robert Morrison

Cognitive Neuroscientist Funding For the first time ever, NEE is receiving univeristy funding! $4,078 My Plans for NEE My GOAL: Give the growing field of Neuroscience the attention it needs and deserves at Loyola - because we all love it so much! Host school-wide and city-wide events to boost reputation.
More member involvement and student-leadership.
Rewrite consitution and implement better structure with campaigns.
Adopt an official charity to motivate our participation and cause.
More involvement from our new faculty advisor ---- A Neuroscience Chair: ---- we can voice our opinions toward the neuroscience curriculum
My Upcoming Events NEE Movie Night NEE Hypnosis Night NEE
Neuroscience Banquet Dr. VS Ramachandran Dr. Robert Sapolsky Dr. Louis Lucas Funding allocated for licensing of a movie for university showing. $357 Showing a movie does cost money. "Memento" anterograde amnesia Dr. Ken Paller $1,007 Average hypnotist in the area cost $1,000 Funding already allocated! Mundelein Auditorium already
reserved for tentative dates. Licensed
HYPNOTHERAPISTS $2,714 allocated Keynote Speakers who already
expressed interest
-- awaiting confirmation -- DOWTOWN CHICAGO
-- BEANE HALL -- CO-SPONSORS - Chicago Society for Neuroscience
- Loyola's Stritch School of Medicine Keynote Address ----followed by----
One-on-one table discussions with professors over dinner FREE! Professors and Financial Support ---all profits go to charity--- Stanford University Professor of Neurology & Neurosurgery Behavioral Neurology & Psychophysics Synesthesia (mixed senses)
Phantom Limb Syndrome MD/PhD University of
California Richard Axel & Linda Buck 2004 Nobel Laureates Discovered Neurochemistry of Smell Columbia University Worked in same lab as Dr. Lucas and Dr. Kathryn Jones (SSOM) World Renowned Author Stress and Neurodegeneration Northwestern University Dr. Muira - Dr. Stevenson - Dr. Sutter lined up for next semester cognition drugs perception Brian Sweis
for President President of
GlobeMed at Loyola Carbon Scholar
for research in Neuroscience Director of
The Millennium Campus Network
in Chicago Adult & Peer
Tutor Campus Movie Fest
2010-2011 We'll work together and
develope a kick-ass movie! "SONAR" was nominated last year
for BEST PICTURE. Honors
Student Biology Research
Psychology Research
Emergency Department Research Presentation Stereoscopy Article IMAX Video Interactive
(part 2 today!) "SONAR"
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