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How to fall down the stairs

A step-by-step guide to gravity-assisted injury.

Andrew Moore

on 22 June 2010

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Transcript of How to fall down the stairs

How to fall down the stairs Finding the perfect location Documenting your accident Follow-up - Stair type is important. Some staircases
go straight down, while others have turns.
- Staircases with turns are recommended only
for advanced stair-fallers, as they require
mid-fall turns. Performing the fall Whose house? Using your own
house can be comfortable, but
if you go to a friend's place, you
can always sue them if something
goes wrong. Press coverage is ideal. Try
to contact your local tv
station or newspaper. Considering the popularity
of YouTube, you might want
to video your fall on a cellphone
camera. Losers who sit at home
all day watching Failblog.org will
love you. Flips are for advanced
fallers only. Start easy, with standard rollovers
and arm flailing. Wear clothes that are
comfortable, but not too
tight. Loose clothing can
catch on railings, providing further hilarity. Yelling and screaming can
add to the performance
value, but don't go over-
board. You'll probably be making a trip to the
hospital, so be sure to
pack some food. Post your video to
YouTube as soon as
possible. Enable comments so that idiots can post things like, "lol!" and "haha u fell!" Once you have set the precedent as a capable
stair-faller, have a
second stunt ready.
People love a sequel. But you may have to "up your game" with something more challenging, like running yourself over with a tractor.
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