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Copy of Around the World

Teaching continents/major countries/languages and landmarks.

Jeff Kennamer

on 14 July 2011

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Transcript of Copy of Around the World

Planet Earth Hong Kong Tibet Chinese Beijing Shanghai dim sum flag the great wall of China Canberra Sydney Uluru the great barrier reef English Australia meat pie Sydney opera house flag Cape Town Bloemfontein Pretoria Johannesburg Kruger national park bobotie flag world cup 2010 Table mountain Afrikaans
Sesotho se Leboa
Indigenous creoles and pidgins Nile Cairo Sphinx Koshari pyramids flag Arabic U. S. A. Brasilia Sao Paulo Rio de Janeiro beach Iguazu falls Amazon rainforest flag feijoada Portuguese Brazil Washington D.C. New York City San Francisco Grand Canyon red wood forest Bay of Fundy Niagra Falls Toronto Ottawa Montreal maple syrup chili pumpkin pie Statue of Liberty hockey C A N A D A U.K. Edinburgh Manchester London stonehenge the giant's causeway France Paris Marseille Lyon The Louvre Museum Chateau of Versailles Lascaux Cave cheese wine Eiffel Tower French English Fish and Chips Big Ben Rome Florence Renaissance art Venice Colosseum Italian spaghetti pizza St. Mark's Basilica I n d i a New Delhi Golden temple Mumbai Kolkata The river Ganga (Ganges) J A P A N Japanese onsen (hotsprings) Tokyo Osaka Kyoto Himeji castle Japanese Hindi curry Taj Mahal sushi Mount Fuji Seoul kimchi bibimbap Gunsan Gyeongju Mount Jiri Busan Jeju island Hangeul
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