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The Collegiate Leadership Collaborative

No description

Maggie Edmunds

on 9 September 2013

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Transcript of The Collegiate Leadership Collaborative

Vision for the Future
Getting members!
3 virtual interns from Washington D.C.
Expanding to 5 campuses next summer
Changing the world!
The Collegiate Leadership Collaborative
The Mission
The Collegiate Leadership Collaborative (CLC) is an organization seeking to create positive social change by investing in young social entrepreneurs. We firmly believe that everyone has a solution to a social problem and more importantly, that everyone can turn their solution into a reality. By investing in our peers through a leadership development program and direct financial support, we hope to create a generation of empowered social entrepreneurs who can help make this world a better place.
Leadership Development
Workshops - Public Speaking, Goal-Setting, Social Entrepreneurship, Professionalism, Vision Planning

We already have interest from the national team at Moneythink, Owlspark, and professors from the Jones Graduate School of Business.
Goal: raise at least $8,500 to provide a leadership development grant to a social entrepreneur affiliated with the Rice community.

How? : Spontaneous Combustion Benefit Show, A Capella Benefit Show, Gala, Restaurant Percentage Nights
What is The Global Good Fund?
Who are we?
Maggie Edmunds - President
Anthony Schmucker - Vice President
Jon Capo - Treasurer
Neethi Nayak - Secretary
Nicole Van Den Heuvel - Faculty Sponsor
How did the
Collegiate Leadership
get started?
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